Simple Gallery – A gallery for viewing photos and videos without ads.

Simple Gallery

A gallery for viewing photos and videos without ads.

Simple Gallery screenshot 0Simple Gallery screenshot 1Simple Gallery screenshot 2Simple Gallery screenshot 3Simple Gallery screenshot 4Simple Gallery screenshot 5Simple Gallery screenshot 6Simple Gallery screenshot 7

A simple tool usable for viewing photos and videos. Items can be sorted by date, size, name both ascending or descending, photos can be zoomed in. Media files are shown in multiple columns, depending on the size of the display. They can be renamed, shared, deleted, copied, moved. Images can also be cropped, rotated or set as Wallpaper directly from the app.

The Gallery is also offered for third party usage for previewing images / videos, adding attachments at email clients etc. It’s perfect for everyday usage.

Contains no ads or unnecessary permissions. It is fully opensource, provides a Dark theme too.

This app is just one piece of a bigger series of apps. You can find the rest of them at

Detail information and download apk file:

GPS Keeper Lite / Keep GPS Fix – GPS Keeper Lite persistently keeps your GPS connected, even when screen is off!

GPS Keeper Lite / Keep GPS Fix

GPS Keeper Lite persistently keeps your GPS connected, even when screen is off!

GPS Keeper Lite / Keep GPS Fix screenshot 0GPS Keeper Lite / Keep GPS Fix screenshot 1GPS Keeper Lite / Keep GPS Fix screenshot 2GPS Keeper Lite / Keep GPS Fix screenshot 3

This application persistently keeps GPS connected even when the screen turns off. That way you will not lose gps fix when your phone goes to sleep.

The application is very useful when you are using any application that uses GPS, such as Google Maps, Geocaching, …

For some phones, the app even makes the GPS refresh faster so you are getting better location informations and better accuracy. Please keep in mind that this happens only on some phones!

Of course, when you are using this app, GPS is constantly connected so the battery might get depleted faster.

Application requires some permissions. Let me explain why:
  ♦  Fine GPS location: Well, you want it to access GPS, right? 🙂
  ♦  Full internet access and Network state: For Google AdMob
  ♦  Modify system settings: To get background image of the phone. I do understand that this is not logical and I agree, but the app crashes without this permission on some phones 😦

This application might not work with all the phones, as some of the manufacturers modify the Android in a way that disables the application to function properly. That kind of behaviour has been noticed on, but not limited to, some Alcatel phones.

In case of bugs:
Every application sooner or later has a bug. If you find one, please inform me so I can solve the issue. You can also contact me if you have suggestion for improving the app. I will gladly listen to your suggestions!

If you want to post negative comments, PLEASE CONTACT ME FIRST on so we can solve the issue(or add a feature). Please do not use comments to report issues or ask questions as I will most probably notice them way slower than if you send me an email.

If you want to help me by translating the app to other language, please contact me!

Please keep in mind that application is provided “AS-IS”. It should not be relied on to and I shall not be responsible for any problem/expense/life threatening situation it could cause.

Special note:
Since I got some similar requests, let me outline the answer here: I strongly support user privacy in all my apps and I oppose to any kind of control over the users, regardless if they are friends or employees. I am not interested in implementing any kind of stealth mechanisms in the app, like hiding of app icon or remote control!!

Special Thanks to:
Roli Schiller for translating the app to Hungarian
Miguel Alonso for translating the app to Spanish

See more information:

Fast Battery Charger & Saver – Charge like blink of an eye with super fast charging application & save battery!

Fast Battery Charger & Saver

Charge like blink of an eye with super fast charging application & save battery!

Fast Battery Charger & Saver screenshot 0Fast Battery Charger & Saver screenshot 1Fast Battery Charger & Saver screenshot 2Fast Battery Charger & Saver screenshot 3Fast Battery Charger & Saver screenshot 4Fast Battery Charger & Saver screenshot 5Fast Battery Charger & Saver screenshot 6

Fast battery charger & saver is an android app that lets you charge mobile device at super-fast speed. While fast charging it turns off the services which drain out the battery such as Bluetooth, WiFi, Auto Sync, Mobile Data etc. Also shows the statistics about the RAM and CPU usage and battery technology, health, temperature etc.


Fast battery charger & saver shows the percentage of CPU consumption as well as the RAM usage. It also helps determine the health and functionality of your phone’s battery.
There are different type of statistics shown in tap:

✔ Battery Temperature
✔ Battery Voltage
✔ Capacity of the battery
✔ Technology of the battery used
✔ Battery Health
✔ Background Processes

This app speeds up the charging process as well as improves the battery efficiency. It works by the principle of closing background apps and processes which drain out the battery. You can choose to turn them off manually as well. Application shows the percentage of the battery charged. There are icons which you can use to turn on/off according to your desire. All these icons can be turned off with a single tap on the start button

✔ WiFi
✔ Mobile Data
✔ Bluetooth
✔ Brightness
✔ Screen Timeout
✔ Auto Synchronization

As the charging adapter is connected to the device, super fast charging starts automatically and speeds up charging process. It is a single touch charger application and very handy for quick battery charging which is the need of the hour. This application works on all smartphones built on new technology including all versions of android. This app not only cuts short the time required to charge the battery full but also extends the battery life.85ea42da77

Download this app for super fast battery charging and making battery efficient. Share your feedback and suggest any improvements in the application.

Download apk file for android:

Envíos Argentina – I followed your ID, Passport, OCA, Andreani, MercadoEnvíos and other

Envíos Argentina

I followed your ID, Passport, OCA, Andreani, MercadoEnvíos and other

Envíos Argentina screenshot 0Envíos Argentina screenshot 1Envíos Argentina screenshot 2Envíos Argentina screenshot 3Envíos Argentina screenshot 4Envíos Argentina screenshot 5Envíos Argentina screenshot 6Envíos Argentina screenshot 7Envíos Argentina screenshot 8Envíos Argentina screenshot 9Envíos Argentina screenshot 10Envíos Argentina screenshot 11Envíos Argentina screenshot 12Envíos Argentina screenshot 13Envíos Argentina screenshot 14Envíos Argentina screenshot 15Envíos Argentina screenshot 16Envíos Argentina screenshot 17

Correo Argentino has updated their page and has included re-captcha. no longer it is possible to track this company and will possibly be removed in the future.
Unfortunately they have decided to pay in investing in re-captcha to remove a brindábamos free service to its customers. For any concerns or questions, we suggest you write to our email contact

The original app for tracking in Argentina, innovating since 2014.

It’s simple: add tracking code and the application will inform you whenever there is a new event for your submission.

* MercadoLibre through MercadoEnvíos
* Ocasa (for your AdSense check)

Other companies:
* Andesmar Express
* Andreani
* Anka Logistics
* Autotransportes San Juan
* Balut Express
* Buses Lep
* Buspack: Chevallier, Urquiza, Fast Tata and Pullman
* Tasting Cargo
* South Cross
* ecaPack
* Edilot Country
* Encotrans
* eTrans
* Express JET
* Express Gold Black
* Fast Track
* Integral Express: Flecha Bus, Group Plaza, Dumascat, Plusultra-Mercobus, El Rapido Argentino, Monticas, Zenit, TUS Transportes Unidos del Sud, Arito, El Norte Bis, Empresa Argentina, Condor Estrella, Coop AS and Union City gualeguay
* The Sevillanita
* The North Veloz
* MD Loads
* Motonorte
* Pulqui Pack
* RENAPER (National Registry of Persons)
* SendBox
* Urban
* Via Cargo
* Vosa

Free market:
With only a one-time registration, you’ll automatically get shipments in the same moment you are released and follow using OCA, Ocasa or Motonorte.
We can also capture directly from MercadoEnvios confirmation email.

OCA Enterprises:
Integration with corporate accounts OCA Companies. Once connected, the app will detect new shipments entered with your account.

Data synchronization:
Own multiple devices? It is no problem. With data synchronization Google Drive, you can have all your codes on all your Android, without having to add them by hand.

Need a company that is not? Simple, send the name and a code sample tracking and add shortly.

See more information:

AES Location Detector – AES Location Detector by Jordyland

AES Location Detector

AES Location Detector by Jordyland

AES Location Detector screenshot 0AES Location Detector screenshot 1AES Location Detector screenshot 2AES Location Detector screenshot 3AES Location Detector screenshot 4AES Location Detector screenshot 5AES Location Detector screenshot 6AES Location Detector screenshot 7

Designed to detect AES speed and traffic light camera (Malaysia)
Automatic Enforcement System Malaysia
Others great app: Metromy : Railway Malaysia

Multiple Language support. (English, Chinese, Malay)
Able to work with GPS alone without Internet connection.
Assist driver Malaysia to override road trap.
Provide flexible adjustable setting in alert, distance and etc.

-always display nearest camera.
-provided with map to show AES camera, focus current location
-sharing current speed to whatapps, line & etc(*exclude facebook)
-add in “my location” 3D google map currrent location.
-easy swap speedometer & mylocation screen by scroll left right.
-replace AES map with latest 3D google map.
-alert sound trigger when AES camera detected within 1km,can be adjusted to 2km.
-allow update latest AES from server.
-allow disable alert sound.
(accurancy speed depend on your GPS signal)

Adjustable setting
-alert distance AES traffic light
-alert distance AES traffic light
-enable disable sound
-sound interval (5 second to 30 second)
-to display Fixed AES camera only or All proposed AES camera.

Total 14 fixed location list AES cameras installed by JPJ and other proposed location will be installed soon.

We can not guarantee that AES camera location is 100% correct.
But we will adjust location from time to time once receive feedback from user.

FAQ problem encounter
Ubaidullah: sound alert not working is very serious issue.
our team tested various type device. And all others working fine. please try.
Ans: a)make sure ur phone sound is not mute.
b)check ur preference setting.

user:nothing nothing between penang and alor star ones. I see only perak and kl got only.

user:)Prob Why your no of aes location become less? My detector always show the same name of location for the next location and no detection at all.

Ans:Setting- optional to show all camera or installed camera only.

Jason : Nice apps but something need to fix Coordinate of Slim River AES camera is not correct… Besides than this, I were satisfied with this apps… Good job…
Ans: slim river location adjusted. kindly update AES location.. please feedback.TQ

user:Problem after upgrade to ver 1.40 Maps always rotate, no more setting key. Pse do something, I prefer the previous version. Tq developer…

answer : Click ur phone menu button,refer screenshoot.
All previous function remain. Click menu button you will see. AES map is there, but V1.4 add on additional map track current location.

*Mohd Rizal (update NSE km 63.4 N 05 58.745` E 100 26.319`)
kindly email detail on above camera location

Download apk file for android:

Residential Contractors Calc – Don't go to the project jobsite without this calculator installed on your Droid!

Residential Contractors Calc

Don't go to the project jobsite without this calculator installed on your Droid!

Residential Contractors Calc screenshot 0Residential Contractors Calc screenshot 1Residential Contractors Calc screenshot 2Residential Contractors Calc screenshot 3Residential Contractors Calc screenshot 4Residential Contractors Calc screenshot 5Residential Contractors Calc screenshot 6Residential Contractors Calc screenshot 7Residential Contractors Calc screenshot 8

A feet and inches calculator for residential builders. An ideal tool to have in the field for home improvement, additions, and remodel projects. Enter distances in feet and inches, including fractions. Calculate lengths, areas, volumes, and hypotenuses (to square the slab or deck). Uses a virtual tape, calculates cost!

See more information and download apk file for your android phone: