Simple Gallery – A gallery for viewing photos and videos without ads.

Simple Gallery

A gallery for viewing photos and videos without ads.

Simple Gallery screenshot 0Simple Gallery screenshot 1Simple Gallery screenshot 2Simple Gallery screenshot 3Simple Gallery screenshot 4Simple Gallery screenshot 5Simple Gallery screenshot 6Simple Gallery screenshot 7

A simple tool usable for viewing photos and videos. Items can be sorted by date, size, name both ascending or descending, photos can be zoomed in. Media files are shown in multiple columns, depending on the size of the display. They can be renamed, shared, deleted, copied, moved. Images can also be cropped, rotated or set as Wallpaper directly from the app.

The Gallery is also offered for third party usage for previewing images / videos, adding attachments at email clients etc. It’s perfect for everyday usage.

Contains no ads or unnecessary permissions. It is fully opensource, provides a Dark theme too.

This app is just one piece of a bigger series of apps. You can find the rest of them at

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Residential Contractors Calc – Don't go to the project jobsite without this calculator installed on your Droid!

Residential Contractors Calc

Don't go to the project jobsite without this calculator installed on your Droid!

Residential Contractors Calc screenshot 0Residential Contractors Calc screenshot 1Residential Contractors Calc screenshot 2Residential Contractors Calc screenshot 3Residential Contractors Calc screenshot 4Residential Contractors Calc screenshot 5Residential Contractors Calc screenshot 6Residential Contractors Calc screenshot 7Residential Contractors Calc screenshot 8

A feet and inches calculator for residential builders. An ideal tool to have in the field for home improvement, additions, and remodel projects. Enter distances in feet and inches, including fractions. Calculate lengths, areas, volumes, and hypotenuses (to square the slab or deck). Uses a virtual tape, calculates cost!

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Solid Alarm Clock Extended – It will wake you up with probability of 100%

Solid Alarm Clock Extended

It will wake you up with probability of 100%

Solid Alarm Clock Extended screenshot 0Solid Alarm Clock Extended screenshot 1Solid Alarm Clock Extended screenshot 2Solid Alarm Clock Extended screenshot 3Solid Alarm Clock Extended screenshot 4Solid Alarm Clock Extended screenshot 5Solid Alarm Clock Extended screenshot 6Solid Alarm Clock Extended screenshot 7Solid Alarm Clock Extended screenshot 8Solid Alarm Clock Extended screenshot 9Solid Alarm Clock Extended screenshot 10Solid Alarm Clock Extended screenshot 11Solid Alarm Clock Extended screenshot 12Solid Alarm Clock Extended screenshot 13Solid Alarm Clock Extended screenshot 14Solid Alarm Clock Extended screenshot 15Solid Alarm Clock Extended screenshot 16Solid Alarm Clock Extended screenshot 17Solid Alarm Clock Extended screenshot 18Solid Alarm Clock Extended screenshot 19Solid Alarm Clock Extended screenshot 20Solid Alarm Clock Extended screenshot 21

Wake up with a bird singing, a favorite song or a standard ringtone it’s up to you with alarm Solid Alarm Clock Extended!
In any case, you can’t just turn off the alarm, special features will not leave you basking in bed and will get you up quickly. Half a million of users have downloaded the application and rated it 4.5 stars.

Download for free Solid Alarm Clock Extended!
To wake you up the alarm clock has the following features:
✔4 modes of awakening.
✔4 types of puzzles.
✔ The music signal – select your favorite song.
✔ The gradual increasing of the volume of the signal.
✔ Solving mathematical problems, to postpone or turn the alarm off.
✔ Puzzle maze to find a way out of the realm of Morpheus.
✔ Loud and dynamic melody alarm, followed by vibration.
✔ Reducing of the intervals between signals after each postponement.
✔ Set the maximum number of snoozes.
✔ If you want to sleep a little bit more and push the button delay the alarm, you will hear the annoying sound, it helps you to fight with such a harmful and dangerous habit.
It can be used in many cases: during the games, sport events, work, scientific experiments and so on.

Find a function that will help you to wake up and start the day with the renewed vigor.
Download for free Service Solid Alarm Clock Extended NOW!

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GPS Keeper Lite / Keep GPS Fix – GPS Keeper Lite persistently keeps your GPS connected, even when screen is off!

GPS Keeper Lite / Keep GPS Fix

GPS Keeper Lite persistently keeps your GPS connected, even when screen is off!

GPS Keeper Lite / Keep GPS Fix screenshot 0GPS Keeper Lite / Keep GPS Fix screenshot 1GPS Keeper Lite / Keep GPS Fix screenshot 2GPS Keeper Lite / Keep GPS Fix screenshot 3

This application persistently keeps GPS connected even when the screen turns off. That way you will not lose gps fix when your phone goes to sleep.

The application is very useful when you are using any application that uses GPS, such as Google Maps, Geocaching, …

For some phones, the app even makes the GPS refresh faster so you are getting better location informations and better accuracy. Please keep in mind that this happens only on some phones!

Of course, when you are using this app, GPS is constantly connected so the battery might get depleted faster.

Application requires some permissions. Let me explain why:
  ♦  Fine GPS location: Well, you want it to access GPS, right? 🙂
  ♦  Full internet access and Network state: For Google AdMob
  ♦  Modify system settings: To get background image of the phone. I do understand that this is not logical and I agree, but the app crashes without this permission on some phones 😦

This application might not work with all the phones, as some of the manufacturers modify the Android in a way that disables the application to function properly. That kind of behaviour has been noticed on, but not limited to, some Alcatel phones.

In case of bugs:
Every application sooner or later has a bug. If you find one, please inform me so I can solve the issue. You can also contact me if you have suggestion for improving the app. I will gladly listen to your suggestions!

If you want to post negative comments, PLEASE CONTACT ME FIRST on so we can solve the issue(or add a feature). Please do not use comments to report issues or ask questions as I will most probably notice them way slower than if you send me an email.

If you want to help me by translating the app to other language, please contact me!

Please keep in mind that application is provided “AS-IS”. It should not be relied on to and I shall not be responsible for any problem/expense/life threatening situation it could cause.

Special note:
Since I got some similar requests, let me outline the answer here: I strongly support user privacy in all my apps and I oppose to any kind of control over the users, regardless if they are friends or employees. I am not interested in implementing any kind of stealth mechanisms in the app, like hiding of app icon or remote control!!

Special Thanks to:
Roli Schiller for translating the app to Hungarian
Miguel Alonso for translating the app to Spanish

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Fabricators Handbook – Sheet metal pattern development tools, flange/ tube tables, useful calculators

Fabricators Handbook

Sheet metal pattern development tools, flange/ tube tables, useful calculators

Fabricators Handbook screenshot 0Fabricators Handbook screenshot 1Fabricators Handbook screenshot 2Fabricators Handbook screenshot 3Fabricators Handbook screenshot 4Fabricators Handbook screenshot 5Fabricators Handbook screenshot 6Fabricators Handbook screenshot 7Fabricators Handbook screenshot 8Fabricators Handbook screenshot 9Fabricators Handbook screenshot 10Fabricators Handbook screenshot 11Fabricators Handbook screenshot 12Fabricators Handbook screenshot 13Fabricators Handbook screenshot 14Fabricators Handbook screenshot 15Fabricators Handbook screenshot 16Fabricators Handbook screenshot 17Fabricators Handbook screenshot 18

Sheet metal pattern development tools for cones, segmental bends, set on pipes.

Plus flange/ tube tables, various calculators and more.

This could be the most useful tool in your toolbox.

As a fabricator of 45+ years, the last 30 or so as the workshop manager, I have constantly used trigonometry etc. to calculate cones, segmental bends and much more. Nowadays I am constantly asked by the fabricators to calculate developed lengths etc. to save them the time and effort of laying it out. I have developed this app so that they can do it for themselves and therefore save “MY TIME”.
The Fabricators Handbook is a collection of apps useful to the experienced fabricator and novice. Various pipe and cone developing app for wraps and plate. Tables for flanges, tube schedules, elbows and tees, as well as metric and unc drilling / tapping sizes. Calculators include, Angle Calculators to enable the fabricator to layout accurately small or large fabrications, Pitch Calculator for PCD’s and straight pitches, Diameter and Circumference calculator for working out the required developed length for rolling and a Bisecting Chord calculator that works out the inside or outside radius of an object using a straight edge and a ruler. How to examples are available where needed.
I hope that from your feedback/comments I will be able to add extra relevant features and amendments in future editions.

For details on how to use the apps in the handbook and tips, please visit the Website or click on the link l below.

Detail information and download apk file:

Photo Locker – Hide your Private Photos with Photo Locker

Photo Locker

Hide your Private Photos with Photo Locker

Photo Locker screenshot 0Photo Locker screenshot 1Photo Locker screenshot 2Photo Locker screenshot 3Photo Locker screenshot 4Photo Locker screenshot 5

Photo Locker is the only app you will need to hide your private photos on your Android device. Very easy to use and maintain your privacy, Photo Locker protects your personal photos and prevents them from coming in your Gallery. One of the best app to hide and lock your photos, we help you maintain your privacy. With a PIN based access to your photos, no one else can accidentally see the private photos on your device. No more embarrassing moments as others do not see your private photos. We also support all most commonly used photo formats.


* Password/PIN based access
* Hide unlimited photos
* Create folders to organise your private Gallery in the app
* Select multiple images when importing
* Easy unlock, share and delete unwanted photos
* Forgotten PIN sent to email
* Pinch and Zoom when looking at your locked images in the app
* App available in Spanish language too

-Please look at the Help section in the app for any queries in hiding your photos.

Note : Please unlock your photos before you uninstall the application.

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Qute: Terminal console – Qute is a fast and powerful cmd console

Qute: Terminal console

Qute is a fast and powerful cmd console

Qute: Terminal console screenshot 0Qute: Terminal console screenshot 1Qute: Terminal console screenshot 2Qute: Terminal console screenshot 3Qute: Terminal console screenshot 4Qute: Terminal console screenshot 5Qute: Terminal console screenshot 6

Get quick access to built-in Unix command line shell from your Android device. You can use Qute as a command prompt for run Unix\Linux commands, installed bin files and create shell scripts. Most popular PC commands (ping, netstat, trace, cd, mkdir, etc) are available on your device now. Qute gives you full access to the system terminal. Now the total control of your system belongs to you!

✓ Startup and creating shortcuts for commands
✓ Bash script editor
✓ Executing basic terminal commands and available bin files
✓ List of your favorite commands and args
✓ Autocomplete for commands
✓ Support of rooted devices

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