Toplu Dua ve Zikirmatik – O ye who believe! God is very zikredin.o the evening glorify morning. Ahzab 41-42

Toplu Dua ve Zikirmatik

O ye who believe! God is very zikredin.o the evening glorify morning. Ahzab 41-42

Toplu Dua ve Zikirmatik screenshot 0Toplu Dua ve Zikirmatik screenshot 1Toplu Dua ve Zikirmatik screenshot 2Toplu Dua ve Zikirmatik screenshot 3Toplu Dua ve Zikirmatik screenshot 4Toplu Dua ve Zikirmatik screenshot 5Toplu Dua ve Zikirmatik screenshot 6Toplu Dua ve Zikirmatik screenshot 7Toplu Dua ve Zikirmatik screenshot 8Toplu Dua ve Zikirmatik screenshot 9Toplu Dua ve Zikirmatik screenshot 10Toplu Dua ve Zikirmatik screenshot 11Toplu Dua ve Zikirmatik screenshot 12Toplu Dua ve Zikirmatik screenshot 13Toplu Dua ve Zikirmatik screenshot 14Toplu Dua ve Zikirmatik screenshot 15Toplu Dua ve Zikirmatik screenshot 16Toplu Dua ve Zikirmatik screenshot 17Toplu Dua ve Zikirmatik screenshot 18Toplu Dua ve Zikirmatik screenshot 19Toplu Dua ve Zikirmatik screenshot 20Toplu Dua ve Zikirmatik screenshot 21Toplu Dua ve Zikirmatik screenshot 22Toplu Dua ve Zikirmatik screenshot 23

The only purpose of the program is the consent of Allah, is to say only God bless.
Zikirmatik most advanced program in the Android Market …
1- dhikr as you want, you can enter the program and the meaning of her Turkish and Havasu and virtues information and you can change them easily.
2- Your time you press the remembrance chant key starts recording when you open and close the program or dhikr while taking charge of your phone, you can continue where you left off even bits.
3 155 dhikr meanings in the program comes with ready Havasu and Virtue.
4- constantly checks that remembrance can reach a lot easier to add to your favorites.
5- Our most important feature in the program Esma-ul HUSNAIN is Havasu information of Surat and pray. Havasu knowledge of the Qur’an and Sunnah is a form of spiritual therapy made above. Esma-ul Husna in the target value is determined based on numerological account.
For example, “El-End name every day (100) times read from one’s heart” masivaullah “belonging, that sense of belonging to hinder worldly pleasure and entertainment from God and ideas, loyalties, love and affection and interest, only feelings and thoughts that belong to the consent of God remains . “
Another example: As sure as “Every day seventy (70) times no one would read the anxiety and stress.”
6. Another important feature is “Sequential Read”. If you have more than one at a time glorifying this feature is for you. Add to this tab and you can sort of glorifying this order by ending remembrance instead of just another revenue, so rather than come back again to select the program shows the order it for you. When you come to the end of the list, there are 3 times vibrating inform you that bit of your list.
7. Sure, and you can listen to some prayers aloud.
8. If you want information about it through the search feature, which you can easily find it.
Each time you touch 9- chant capture key you provide feedback with sound or vibration and can continue from where you left this feedback can turn at any time.
10. Home screen “Target” and “read” he warns you thanks to the vibration feature when you reach the goals you’ve set dhikr is located two values. The chant List “Total” it has a third field. “Total” value To illustrate: Subhan Allah would attract chanting 70,000 times and you set goals for yourself the day 100, when you get all your daily goal “read” the value will be zero, but “Total” values ​​will continue to rise.
11- Islamic practice dr contains a lot of Islamic knowledge
12 volume buttons of your phone and can also perform Dhikr withdrawals headphones.
13- Statistics feature, which you can see how many days you take dhikr.
Altogether 15 public prayer, we can pray online, make prayer requests and pray that we can participate in the collective remembrance, remembrance online can check online public prayer glorifying our department was opened.
search 16 Esma remembrance of the days and times with just one click
17 hours of actual remembrance calculation table for different cities of Esma, the planet accounts, time accounts of stars
18. Esma ‘li Husna Arabic of Surat and prayer (Al-Fatiha, Ayetel Kursi, Amenerrasul is Hashim, Duha, İnşirah, TIN, Kadir, zilzal, Adiyat, Kaare, Takathur, Asr, …. Ihlas, Felak, Nas, Tefriciye)
19- chant when taking the time display
20 take separate notes for each of dhikr
Prayer time in 21-
22. CLEAR Zikr you can add your own
23- latest searched word is kept in memory for a more simple search.
24. Statistics are now further developed, which can be seen day and day of remembrance which have taken ranking corrected.
25. want to pray here, prayer fellowship, prayer ring, you can set up a prayer chain, Hatim can.

The program needs and will continue to develop in line with comments from you.
Please give points to support us.

See detail information and download apk file for android:


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