Tornado (Browser + TOR) – TORnado browser – Anonymous Surfing hidden and blocked sites

Tornado (Browser + TOR)

TORnado browser – Anonymous Surfing hidden and blocked sites

Tornado (Browser + TOR) screenshot 0Tornado (Browser + TOR) screenshot 1Tornado (Browser + TOR) screenshot 2

TORNADO – an anonymous browser based on the TOR network, created as a response to ever greater loss of anonymity in the normal Internet.
The main feature of TORnado browser lies in the possibility of completely hide their data, location, time spent in the network, and other data.
The essence of the Tor network is the inability to track the location of the device used by any side of the object, since the network connection of the client device is encrypted multiple times through a chain of “onion routers» (The Onion Router). In addition Tornado browser includes NoScript and HTTPS Everywhere add-on.
– Web browser + Tor package for Android
– Completely offline
– No additional application is required
– Anonymous Web Surfing
– Access to blocked sites and deep .onion
 – Permanent Privacy Mode
– No need for manual configuration
– Optimized for high security and privacy
– A new identity Button

Before installing and configuring TOR time-consuming and require certain skills. Now, after creating TORnado browser, using TOR network is no different from the usual pastime on the Internet.

Install TORnado browser and get a free opportunity to hide their presence on the Internet.

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