RAM Booster Phone boost – Cleaner of RAM, Take a clean on your cellphone and increase speed now!

RAM Booster Phone boost

Cleaner of RAM, Take a clean on your cellphone and increase speed now!

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Make your phone faster! Full Accelerator for ANDROID.
This application does not need root access Smartphone!
>> Use this free app, easy to use.
What this application do? see our full description below:
– Clear the cache (Release much internal memory);
– Speed up the RAM (make your games get faster, and also leaves your other apps without locking);
– Now our app also shows those applications that you have forgotten your phone and gives you the option to remove them easily within the same RAM Booster PRO,
– Full throttle option with automatic functions;
– Power Manager (battery saver), configurable functions for your phone / tablet will save up to 60% battery, this will allow you to have your phone charged longer.

New feature:

Cleaner for android
– Accelerator with application list running (use details of each application separately).
– Accelerator one click (the simplest way to use our accelerator is clicking our broom icon on the main screen).

Application Manager
– Allows users to uninstall all applications that our cleaner app to locate without the user’s need to access the settings panel, that even you can remove whatever you want without having to navigate through the android settings.
– Screen with smartphone hardware, within the application manager, sliding the left screen you will see a summary of information such as model, processor type, number of processes running at the time, energy summary and serial number.

Cache cleaner and locator outdated files
-‘ll Find files stored in its internal memory (if you install .apk files that are already outdated, our function will show you and you can remove the same screen without the need to navigate to the folder where the file is “hidden “or” lost “, this function lets you free enough space on the internal memory of the smartphone, so you can do more downloads, play more, download more apps).

Battery Saver – Automatic Settings Screen
– You select the applications to be monitored and the battery saver RAM BOOSTER PRO
prevent your battery is wasted.
Possible settings:
– Close all running applications
– Turn off the Bluetooth automatically
– Turn off Sync (Sync *) automatically
– Decrease the screen brightness automatically
– Turn off WiFi automatically
– Automatic brightness control based on light

All this you set just by clicking an item check box if you want to remove the configuration you can go to the same screen and remove the selected item.
Our automatic controls can be enabled / disabled when user prefer.

New translations were added and also expanded language support


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Download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/hBzWRW


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