MyTIM Fisso – The sales and technical support for your fixed line TIM

MyTIM Fisso

The sales and technical support for your fixed line TIM

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The commercial assistance and technical TIM free on your smartphone or tablet with the app MyTIM Fixed: a simple tap and enter into a world of information and services for your home line!

The access credentials are recording section MyTIM Fixed Site, but you can also access with those of Mail TIM inserting the suffix @ or @
Also when you are connected to your home line, you can access some features by entering only the phone number.

To register an account MyTIM Fixed go to the website or directly at this address:

Here’s what you can do with the app MyTIM Fixed.

Here’s what you can do with the app MyTIM Fixed.

On line”:
1. Consult your invoices last year, displaying its pdf or send you on your e-mail box or downloading it to your device
2. Pay the bill TIM with your credit card or handle the direct debit
3. Review the information about your fixed line TIM, with Internet offer or Phone
4. Change the shipping address of your account (if you receive via postal mail)
5. Change the receiving mode into account, for example, to join the Account Online service and eliminate paper invoice submission of TIM
6. Display the submitted requests and all communications exchanged (to and from TIM) in the last six months

In “Service”:
1. Run the online diagnosis of the telephone line, ADSL or fiber home, report a problem with the technical or online solve common problems using the Internet, e-mail and TV
2. Diagnose the active TV services (TIM SKY, TIMvision) and report a problem to the technicians
3. Be informed of any failure on the fence TIM in your area, and ask them to send an SMS or an e-mail to the fault resolution
4. Manage your practices and monitor its processing

In “Modem” (with full functionality only available on TIM modem from home and remotely, after you have logged in):
1. View, manage, and restart your modem TIM, check the status of your Internet connection, and if you are a customer of TIM Fiber, check the status of voice service
2. Check the configuration, turn on, turn off and optimize the Wi-Fi network
3. Check and manage the devices connected to the modem (remote, with login and enabling the synchronization of devices with the TIM network). Note: remote viewing of connected devices is only available for TIM modem. When you are connected to the modem in Wi-Fi, the Wake on LAN command activates the devices connected to Ethernet that support it.
4. Check the status of the USB sharing services on your modem TIM, and navigate through the content shared on a USB drive connected to the modem
5. Display the QR code of your Wi-Fi modem TIM and simplify Wi-Fi configuration of your device by scanning the QR code printed under the modem TIM

In “shops” you can find right on the map TIM shops nearest to you, or look for them to address.

In the menu item “Info”, even when you are not authenticated, you can access information on administrative and technical assistance, watch videos of TIM’s YouTube channel, and access assistance TIM channels on Facebook and Twitter.

To use the app serves a fixed TIM line and a smartphone or Android tablet, with any mobile operator (TIM or other providers). Privacy policy and license conditions are accessible from the Settings menu item Info app.
Note: If you have one TIM smartphone, the app is already installed and Google Play allow you to upgrade to the latest version (on some devices TIM you can not uninstall the application).

To help us improve the application write to:

Download apk file:


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