Game Killer – Eight keeper is an android platform game modification tools!

Game Killer

Eight keeper is an android platform game modification tools!

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Eight keeper requires root privileges to work!
Eight goalkeeper organ network: http: //
Eight goalkeeper Android platform is a game changer, game software by modifying the memory data is running, you can easily modify the game’s HP, MP, and so the number of life parameters. More similar to the PC platform whole experts (FPE) and Jinshan Ranger game changer.
All basic game theory can be modified, but can not be modified online games are a success, because online games are basically the data stored on the server, even if modified, a network connection, an update on the data from the server back to the original , so please do not take eight keeper device to toss online games.
Eight goalkeeper is by modifying the running game data memory, to modify the properties of the object of the game. The exact properties of the corresponding memory address by changing the game is to locate the property, it must go through multiple searches in order to accurately locate, or can not be modified directly.
Modify Function Operating method:
Switching from game to eight keeper to modify and enter the game to see the value;
Click the Search button to display the search results when the search is complete;
Return to the game after the change in value switch to eight keeper to modify the page;
Search value after the change;
If the search results more, go on to step;
When fewer search results, you can try to modify search out data.

Detail information and download apk file for android:


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