Calligraphy Writing Studio – Calligraphy writing Pad – FREE!

Calligraphy Writing Studio

Calligraphy writing Pad – FREE!

Calligraphy Writing Studio screenshot 0Calligraphy Writing Studio screenshot 1Calligraphy Writing Studio screenshot 2Calligraphy Writing Studio screenshot 3Calligraphy Writing Studio screenshot 4Calligraphy Writing Studio screenshot 5Calligraphy Writing Studio screenshot 6Calligraphy Writing Studio screenshot 7Calligraphy Writing Studio screenshot 8Calligraphy Writing Studio screenshot 9Calligraphy Writing Studio screenshot 10

Discover Calligraphy studio!
An all-in-one calligraphy app with papers and brushes to get started writing and tracing.
Create beautiful hairlines and dark, bold shades with a choice of three brush size
– Save your artwork to the photo gallery of your device.
– Works with finger & stylus

Contains ads
Premium version now available >>

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Call Recorder 2016 – Automatic – Call Recorder | Auto Call Recorder | Phone Call Recorder | Hidden Call Recorder

Call Recorder 2016 - Automatic

Call Recorder | Auto Call Recorder | Phone Call Recorder | Hidden Call Recorder

Call Recorder 2016 - Automatic screenshot 0Call Recorder 2016 - Automatic screenshot 1Call Recorder 2016 - Automatic screenshot 2Call Recorder 2016 - Automatic screenshot 3Call Recorder 2016 - Automatic screenshot 4Call Recorder 2016 - Automatic screenshot 5

Are you bored of the other call recording apps then here is the new call recorder for you.

This android application allows you to record all incoming and outgoing calls from your phone.

Its hidden call recording feature will provide you very clear and loud voice quality. Store all your recording in hidden format and you can play recording through you app.

You can enable/disable the recording during the call, or leave it enabled to record all the calls.

The main application screen contains a list of all calls with details of phone numbers, date and time of a call.

In order to allow or disallow recordings open the main menu and choose enable/disable recordings.

The recording does not have a limit of time so be careful not to run out of space after a few long calls.

See detail information and download apk file for android:

Flashlight for Motorola MOTO Z – The Brightest Flashlight in the Market.

Flashlight for Motorola MOTO Z

The Brightest Flashlight in the Market.

Flashlight for Motorola MOTO Z screenshot 0Flashlight for Motorola MOTO Z screenshot 1Flashlight for Motorola MOTO Z screenshot 2

Brightest Flashlight with Compass and Battery information. With the SOS feature, you can send SOS signal in an emergency cases or to allow others to find you easily. With the integrated Compass, you can find your way from anywhere.

Main Features:
* Privacy protected flashlight.
* Flashlight App that turns on instantly.
* Flashlight with Compass
* Battery Meter
* SOS Strobe
* Easy to use
* No GPS tracking!
* Minimum permission

The flashlight has also been recently tested to work well on the following devices:
– For Samsung Galaxy S7
– For Samsung Galaxy S6
– For Samsung Galaxy J7
– For Samsung Galaxy J5
– For Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime
– For Samsung Galaxy Core
– For Samsung Galaxy A8
– For Samsung Galaxy A7
– For Samsung Galaxy A6
– For Samsung Galaxy S5
– For Samsung Galaxy S4
– For Samsung Galaxy S3
– For Samsung Galaxy Note5
– For Samsung Galaxy Note4
– For Samsung Galaxy Note3
– For Samsung Galaxy Note2
– For Samsung Galaxy Express
– For Motorola Moto G
– For Motorola Moto X
– For Sony Xperia

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Notification Cleaner – Notify – Clean notification bar; create organized display; collect unwanted notifies

Notification Cleaner - Notify

Clean notification bar; create organized display; collect unwanted notifies

Notification Cleaner - Notify screenshot 0Notification Cleaner - Notify screenshot 1Notification Cleaner - Notify screenshot 2Notification Cleaner - Notify screenshot 3Notification Cleaner - Notify screenshot 4

Tired of too many notifications coming up at the same time?
Mad at your messy notification bar?
Are crowded notifications affecting your productivity?
Want to protect your privacy from others looking at notification from your sensitive apps?

If you answered yes to any of the question above, then you need Notify Box – a powerful and efficient notification cleaner and manager.

Customize and optimize your notification settings with Notify Box to create a cleaner and simpler notification display.

Efficient Notification Manager
Notify Box removes unwanted notifications and creates a tidy notification display panel. All notification details can be reviewed in detail. The smart notification manager creates a simple, clean and organised display of incoming messages. Who wouldn’t want a concise notification display?

Smart Customized Notification Display
Personalize your notifications by selecting the apps from which you receive notifications. Notify Box intelligently identifies certain undesired notifications intelligently and then moves them into a spam box. Your notification management experience will be faster, smarter and easier with Notify Box.

Simplicity, Productivity and Tidiness
One of Notify Box’s ideas is to create an efficient mobile notification management experience in the easiest way. Nobody likes messy notifications or a complex managing process. Our team deeply understands that Android users just want simplicity, productivity and tidiness from a notification management app, so we created the simplest and most efficient notification cleaner and manager – Notify Box.

Minimize Memory Usage and Battery Saving
Our notification optimizing team has worked so hard in order to create something tiny but super-efficient. Notify Box is only 1.5 MB and it manages your notification panel display in the easiest and simplest way. Notify Box’s memory and battery usage is highly optimized, so you have more room for your favorite music and games.

Notify Box has a tool designed for Android smartphones to help you follow up important unanswered phone calls. It also reminds you of unread SMS, emails, and messages for social apps by showing a badge counter on top corner of the app.
– Supports notifications for phone calls and SMS.
– Supports android default email, Gmail, as well as messages for social apps like Facebook,Twitter, Messenger, Line, Snaptchat, WhatsApp, Tinder, etc.
– Badge counter shows a number of unread messages regardless of where Notify Box is placed: on screen, in the dock, or in folder.

Organize and customize every app with the lightest and super-smart notification cleaner – Notify Box!
Create a clean and efficient notification display panel NOW!

Tell us what you think about our notification manager
Email Notify Box’s team

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GNURoot Octave – Installs and launches GNU Octave via GNURoot Debian

GNURoot Octave

Installs and launches GNU Octave via GNURoot Debian

GNURoot Octave screenshot 0GNURoot Octave screenshot 1GNURoot Octave screenshot 2GNURoot Octave screenshot 3GNURoot Octave screenshot 4

Installs and launches GNU Octave. Octave is like Matlab (trademark of Mathworks), but free (as in freedom) software. Not some similar program, but really Octave running natively.

The app is now supported by Teradyne.

For you to be able to launch GNURoot Octave
1) You need to install GNURoot Debian.
2) You need to go to the install/update tab in GNURoot Debian and click install/reinstall button.
3) You need to go to the install/update tab in GNURoot Octave and click install/update button (after choosing whatever additional packages you want to install – you have to press the button even if you don’t want any extra packages).
4) You need to choose the gnuplot package if you want plotting to work.
5) There are many other packages to choose from.

You can add .m files and a .octaverc startup file in an external storage directory setup for you. Often at /sdcard/GNURoot/home.

Your latest plots (.png files) can be found in an external storage directory setup for you. Often at /sdcard/GNURoot/intents.

You will be running in a fake chroot of sorts which includes Octave and many of the programs you expect to find in a standard GNU/Linux (read Debian) install.

Plot commands and edit commands fire off intents to use whatever image viewer or text editor you have.

See Octave Documentation:

File bugs and feature requests here:

Source code here:

See more information:

Espace Client – With the app Customer Area, you can manage your account whenever and wherever you want!

Espace Client

With the app Customer Area, you can manage your account whenever and wherever you want!

Espace Client screenshot 0Espace Client screenshot 1Espace Client screenshot 2Espace Client screenshot 3Espace Client screenshot 4Espace Client screenshot 5Espace Client screenshot 6

With the application of Customer Bouygues Telecom, follow the consumption of all your packages & Internet subscriptions, manage your accounts when and where you want with ease.
The bonus? The application is customizable (Modular Home screen, choose his favorite line, connection with fingerprint …).

The details of what you can do by downloading this application alone:


My thanks to the universe lines, the application allows you to access the full details of your packages and subscriptions. Exit fear of using your mobile phone abroad, you can see all that is included in your package and that of your loved ones!


View and download your itemized bills. You can also pay your last bills and unpaid possible.


Follow consumption in France and abroad of all your packages / real-time subscriptions, add refills and options to suit your needs. Forgotten, surprises at the end of the month! 🙂


Complete and / or modify your personal information (IBAN, addresses, contact details …)


Our assistance will help you solve your mobile or Bbox emergencies. More panic at any time, you can quickly report a loss or theft, unlock your mobile, perform diagnostics on your Bbox and much more …


Stroll the rays of our e-commerce site and enjoy our new offerings. You can buy a new package / subscription, new equipment and refueling options if the heart tells you.

See detail information and download apk file:

EDF & MOI – With EDF & ME, your energy contracts on hand


With EDF & ME, your energy contracts on hand

EDF & MOI screenshot 0EDF & MOI screenshot 1EDF & MOI screenshot 2EDF & MOI screenshot 3EDF & MOI screenshot 4EDF & MOI screenshot 5EDF & MOI screenshot 6EDF & MOI screenshot 7EDF & MOI screenshot 8EDF & MOI screenshot 9EDF & MOI screenshot 10EDF & MOI screenshot 11EDF & MOI screenshot 12EDF & MOI screenshot 13EDF & MOI screenshot 14

With EDF & ME application, my energy contracts are at hand!

By authenticating, I access my customer space:
• see at a glance the status of my account EDF on the dashboard,
• understand and help me reduce my consumption with tracking e.quilibre consumption,
• convey my meter readings every two months to be charged at the fair,
• pay my bill or manage my payment (Direct Debit or Monthly payment)
• download a certificate or contract of my electricity bill (only if subscribed to the free service Invoice Electronics and Debit)
• subscribe to the energy contract best suited when moving.

I can remember my email / password by checking the “Remember Me” – available from the Android 4.3 version for smartphones no “Rootes”.

EDF & ME application also allows me to:
• a list of useful telephone numbers,
• find the nearest store EDF,
• compare the different energy deals EDF
• know the color of EJP and Tempo days after a first authentication to Dijon (if I subscribed to one of these options).

What are the permissions requested when installing the app?
• Position: access to your location is only used to display the EDF shops close to you.
• Phone: this allows you to telephone a customer advisor from the Contacts page, your initiative only.
• Photos / Multimedia contents / Files: optimizes the display of the map Stores. The Google Maps API will not work without this permission unfortunately.
• Camera: switches on the flash meter reading (although useful if your meter is in a dark area)
• Device ID and call information: to identify your device to receive notifications if you agree.

NB: This information is not used for other purposes and are not retained.

Download apk file for your android phone: