Yahoo!スマホセキュリティ スマホの安全を守る無料アプリ – «Are you security of smartphone? »Yahoo! smartphone security is a free security application to protect your smartphone from the threat.

Yahoo!スマホセキュリティ スマホの安全を守る無料アプリ

«Are you security of smartphone? »Yahoo! smartphone security is a free security application to protect your smartphone from the threat.

Yahoo!スマホセキュリティ スマホの安全を守る無料アプリ screenshot 0Yahoo!スマホセキュリティ スマホの安全を守る無料アプリ screenshot 1Yahoo!スマホセキュリティ スマホの安全を守る無料アプリ screenshot 2Yahoo!スマホセキュリティ スマホの安全を守る無料アプリ screenshot 3Yahoo!スマホセキュリティ スマホの安全を守る無料アプリ screenshot 4Yahoo!スマホセキュリティ スマホの安全を守る無料アプリ screenshot 5Yahoo!スマホセキュリティ スマホの安全を守る無料アプリ screenshot 6Yahoo!スマホセキュリティ スマホの安全を守る無料アプリ screenshot 7

Yahoo! smartphone security is a free security app provided by Yahoo Japan.
Scan function and unfair billing site to check the suspicious apps, such as malicious site warning function to detect the personal information outflow site, protect your smartphone from all threats.

«I recommend this hotel»
I want the security measures of the smartphone-Free
I want to know whether there is any fraud, suspicious app within terminal
I want to enjoy – the Internet safely and securely
· Sumaho Toka of anti-virus do not know well what I do
And overseas app anxiety a little
– Light app you want that does not interfere with other apps
– Dangerous malware unknowingly or have not installed the (Trojan) and anxiety
Phone Book and photos such as the important information is worried about not leak

«main function» (※ 1)
◆ The easy-to-understand operation to everyone, to firmly check [scan function]
Scan button by simply pressing the, peace of mind because it is checking whether there is a threat to the app in the terminal!
Perform a scan when you install updates the app ◆, [real-time scanning feature]
• Even without the scan, because they are to check the app in the automatic relief!
◆ check at any time safety from the notification area! [Scan notification function]
Without having to launch the app, peace of mind and can be checked at any time the status of the smartphone!
◆ can list check the apps that have access to the privacy information [privacy check function]
– Suspicious peace of mind because the app can check easy to understand or not have access to private information!
◆ such as unfair billing site and personal information outflow site, it issues a warning when you visit a malicious site [malicious site warning function]
One click fraud site also phishing site also filtering also the Internet because a warning is generated by peace of mind!

«Other functions»
◆ Yahoo! By using in conjunction with simple backup, even if the smartphone is damaged to protect the data. (※ 2)
◆ In cooperation with the optimization function browser Yahoo Japan provides, you can crisp comfortable browsing in peace. (※ 3)
※ The 1 available You must be logged in Yahoo! JAPAN ID (free). (There is a trial period 15 days)
※ 2 “Yahoo! Simple backup” app must be installed.
※ 3 “Yahoo! Browser” app must be installed.

«Easy to use»
1. After installing the Yahoo! smartphone security app, tap the icon
2. screen tap the center scan button of
3. The scan of apps that have been installed will start in the smartphone.
(At the time of the first scan it may take a few minutes.)
4. After the scan is completed, to diagnose whether or not the safety status of your smartphone.

«recommended environment»
Android 4.0.3 or higher
※ However, some models may not work properly.

«on use note»
Your use of this app, Yahoo! JAPAN Terms and Conditions ( will be applied.
This app is not available in the state that does not connect to the network.

«information that we in this app to get»
We will obtain the following information of customers through this application.
App name-of-scan function to scan within the terminal version information and information that make up the app
Malicious set the site warning function URL that you access from the browser in the terminal

Information that we acquired, in accordance with the privacy policy (, properly managed, to improve our and partners of service we used to like to or or to provide customers with optimal content and advertising.

Download apk file for your android phone:


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