Update Phones (All Carriers) – Update your android through the manufacturer or operator, easy and fast.

Update Phones (All Carriers)

Update your android through the manufacturer or operator, easy and fast.

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What Android update to expect and when?, depending on your device. The Updates for nougat ( Android 7 or Android N ) only available for a few mobile phones, The Android updates are so easy to install that you simply need to download
a software in your phone ( firmware ), this app include links to download the Android update in your phone.
Select your brand and give you links to the upgrade for android version. It has automatic search for your phone and almost all the existing operators.

With this app you can update software your phone with the official support of the manufacturer or operator.

It include Tutorial for update OTA methods, links for download sofware for PC from manufacturers ( Samsung Kies, Lg Pc Suite, Sony Companion,…).

Without using an installation wizard directly to your device, you must look for software from the manufacturer to perform the upgrade process. Generally, this software is usually available on the official web site of the manufacturer. However, we have made a compilation of software required for different manufacturers so you can easily find the resources you need to carry out an update android on your device. As soon as you have downloaded the software manufacturer simply you have to connect your Android mobile or tablet PC with a USB cable and carry out the installation process.
If your are going to Android update version via OTA, the option will automatically appear when a new version becomes available. After accepting (you should) a download will start installing, reconfiguring the phone, and leaving it ready to use. You can also look for an OTA manually by going to “settings => about => update software ” or something similar.
Be aware that you have wi-fi connection and enough battery before carrying the update out, otherwise you’ll get a semi-installed update that makes your device a full piece of brick.
As not every device can get an uninterrupted connection to internet, some manufactures supply the option to download it to your computer and connect the device to perform the installation with the PC instead.

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/ppsXPa


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