Soil Test Pro – Sample your fields. Get Lab Results. Build Recs & Controller Files. Save money.

Soil Test Pro

Sample your fields. Get Lab Results. Build Recs & Controller Files. Save money.

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This app is for existing FarmLogic customers. Not a customer? Sign-up for a free account:

Soil Test Pro makes soil sampling easier for you as a grower or service provider. Get lab results, fertilizer recommendations and controller files for all leading monitors, tractors and implements.


— Unlimited access to FarmLogic’s Precision Ag Specialists
— Aerial imagery of all maps
— Unlimited farms and fields
— Get test results FAST in 5-7 days
— View Lab Results and Soil Nutrient Data (Android 4.0+)
— View complete soil testing history

IN THE FIELD – on your smart phone/tablet
— Work without cellular service
— Draw field boundaries with GPS
— High contrast viewing option for better visibility in sunlight
— Choose any grid size
— GPS Located bag numbers simplifies sampling
— Save time. Customers report 100-150 acres per hour on a 5-acre grid.

AT YOUR DESK – on your FarmLogic web account
— Print shipping sheets to send to the lab with your samples
— View and print lab results/analysis
— View and print fertilizer recommendation maps
— View and print your field maps
— Export variable rate controller files
— Draw field boundaries
— Automatic Data back-up

FarmLogic supports most soil testing labs in the United States. Call 866-761-8001 for specific lab/test pricing information.

FarmLogic usually receives lab results within 5-7 days, they are posted directly to your web headquarters. Our precision ag specialists will help you with the recommendations and creating controller files for download or delivery to your service provider.

See more information and download apk file for your android phone:


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