Fast PDF converter – Converter PDF. Lets make PDF files from image files.

Fast PDF converter

Converter PDF. Lets make PDF files from image files.

Fast PDF converter screenshot 0Fast PDF converter screenshot 1Fast PDF converter screenshot 2Fast PDF converter screenshot 3Fast PDF converter screenshot 4Fast PDF converter screenshot 5Fast PDF converter screenshot 6Fast PDF converter screenshot 7

PDF converter allows you to create PDF files from images.
– You can choose an image from the gallery in the order of pages in the desired PDF file by pressing a single button, you will create a PDF document. Images in this case are not subject to transformation and are placed in the document as it is so the final size of the PDF file will be approximately equal to the sum of the sizes of images.

– This application is one of the fastest. PDF file generation rate depends on the parameters of your device android, as well as the size and number of images. On average performance smartphone creation of a document from 10 images of 4 mb each takes less than 11 seconds.

– The app does not require internet connection

– You can use the app to reverse: to break the PDF file to image. The PDF file will be divided into the image will be saved and the size and format of the original image.

– The application is not tested sufficiently so progress can appear errors and exceptions. They will be removed in future versions.

– The application uses a number of support libraries:
Card Library, Gabriele Mariotti
Card Library provides an easy way to display a UI Card using the Official Google CardView in your Android app.
Picasso, Square, Inc
A powerful image downloading and caching library for Android
Material Dialogs, Aidan Michael Follestad
A beautiful, easy-to-use, and customizable dialogs API, enabling you to use Material designed dialogs down to API 8.
Hawcons, Yannick Lung
Icons in the annex

Core Java Library + PDF / A, xtra and XML Worker

Complex preferences

This app is licensed as AGPL software.
The app code located

See more information and download apk file for your android phone:


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