EnergyWatch Sverige – Take control of your home with the help of Energy Watch from Vattenfall

EnergyWatch  Sverige

Take control of your home with the help of Energy Watch from Vattenfall

EnergyWatch  Sverige screenshot 0EnergyWatch  Sverige screenshot 1EnergyWatch  Sverige screenshot 2EnergyWatch  Sverige screenshot 3EnergyWatch  Sverige screenshot 4EnergyWatch  Sverige screenshot 5EnergyWatch  Sverige screenshot 6EnergyWatch  Sverige screenshot 7EnergyWatch  Sverige screenshot 8EnergyWatch  Sverige screenshot 9EnergyWatch  Sverige screenshot 10EnergyWatch  Sverige screenshot 11EnergyWatch  Sverige screenshot 12EnergyWatch  Sverige screenshot 13EnergyWatch  Sverige screenshot 14EnergyWatch  Sverige screenshot 15

Energy Watch – A smart solution for you and your home

Keep an eye on the temperature in your home while you are there, be alerted when there is risk of moisture damage, turn on and off your appliances to see how much electricity they consume.

Together with our smart products Energy Watch, Smart Plug, Smart Temperature, Moisture Smart and Smart Remote helps Energy Watch app you monitor and control your home, wherever you are.

Energy Watch, among others:

• Operating the air / air heat pump manually or by timer
• Measure the relative humidity and temperature
• Get track of mold risk through integrated riskindikaton
• Using Safe maintenance heating for your heat pump.
• Controlling individual elprylar manually or by timer
• monitor energy consumption in real time
• View current and historical temperature and humidity data
• Make sure the power consumption of individual elprylar over time
• See your total energy bill
• Get help finding your eltjuvar our special analysis tools
• See hourly rate from the Nordic power exchange

All you need is a smartphone and a wireless network (WiFi). To be able to use the functions of Energy Watch, Smart Temp, Smart Plug, Smart Moisture and Smart Remote requires that you have purchased the related hardware. Functions vary depending on the hardware you have installed in your home Learn more about and order our energy-efficient products on
Do try our live demo! Install the app and select “Test” on the login page.

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone:


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