Cell Phone Tracker ETM – Track and locate mobile devices.Free Tracking PlatformFind familyTracker

Cell Phone Tracker ETM

Track and locate mobile devices.Free Tracking PlatformFind familyTracker

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New Easy Track Me

App to track other phones reporting to a user account:


App to monitor devices registered in the user account and create new user account:


Tracker ETM

Locate Cell Tracker / Rastreador Celular Web

! Locate, find and track cell on our web platform!

Install the application to find out where are your family, friends, employees, or anyone who has a cell phone with Android and the Internet.
Install it on any phone with Android (4.0 and up) you want to track / monitor, and the internet page or an Android phone, follow up with the cell where it already installed the application to track
It is necessary that your device can obtain the position to send data to the platform position (GPS sensor or online).

! Create your account completely free, and in five minutes your device already be reporting to the platform to track him!

By creating an account, you can add other cell to track the same account (as a group side it were) added to your friends and family so they know where they are

!!! It is very easy to use !!!

Just follow these steps:
Install the application on the phone to track
Create a new user account
Try the position sensor
Access your account to check and send it to the platform position
Enter the tracking page or install the same application on another phone, and access the data from your account, and you’re tracking the cellular account you created
And it’s all cellular account will report to the platform silently to know where you’ve been

Wait 5 minutes to create your new account to see how your phone sends and positions and you can see it on the map
Your team will report every 8 minutes to the platform free version
Ask about the paid version, which you can report from every 2 minutes your cell
It works through the GPS sensor, or the location data service network to save battery Internet
If you want to be more accurate your position enable the GPS sensor in your computer (depending on phone model)

Locate and find your device on our platform completely free!.

New function to share the link tracking WEB

Send it by email or SMS


With tablets without IMEI, functions as monitor devices. Track your devices from your tablet

New Video Tutorial, in button “Instructions / Tutorial”

Install application, and create your account, in 5 minutes your device will be reporting to our tracking platform. Its Free!

Button is added to check if your device is already activated the option to get the position, or you manage a shortcut so that you can activate.
It is necessary that your device can obtain the position to work on the platform.
Please, before creating an account, you test that your device can obtain the GPS position.

Cell Tracker
Tracker Online

Your device


You can access your account through the web platform also trackgroup.ddns.net

You can add the devices you want to your account, and so trace your family or friends.

Only devices with imei number

It is easy to start using this service which is free

Just follow these steps:
Get the app
Create a new user:

Wait 5 minutes and you can access your account

We welcome your donations to continue this free service

Enter our web platform and tracks your units

Time position reporting is every 5 minutes

Get the paid version for a report from 2 minutes

Powered by our provider network geolocacion, to save energy

Just activate the GPS to send a more accurate position

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/OmIyqm


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