Asesor Aire Acondicionado 3D – Find out how your air conditioner will be installed and the power you need

Asesor Aire Acondicionado 3D

Find out how your air conditioner will be installed and the power you need

Asesor Aire Acondicionado 3D screenshot 0Asesor Aire Acondicionado 3D screenshot 1Asesor Aire Acondicionado 3D screenshot 2Asesor Aire Acondicionado 3D screenshot 3Asesor Aire Acondicionado 3D screenshot 4Asesor Aire Acondicionado 3D screenshot 5Asesor Aire Acondicionado 3D screenshot 6Asesor Aire Acondicionado 3D screenshot 7Asesor Aire Acondicionado 3D screenshot 8Asesor Aire Acondicionado 3D screenshot 9Asesor Aire Acondicionado 3D screenshot 10Asesor Aire Acondicionado 3D screenshot 11Asesor Aire Acondicionado 3D screenshot 12Asesor Aire Acondicionado 3D screenshot 13Asesor Aire Acondicionado 3D screenshot 14

The first complete free app helps you decide which air conditioner is best suited to what you need. Not only lets you know the ideal power, and proposes a model, and where to buy it, but it also helps you see what the equipment installed in your own home thanks to 3D Virtual Reality. Lest you imagine anything. Just look! Powered by Japanese brand made in Spain: Hitachi, high-tech air conditioning.

– Power Calculator

With four easy steps, you can learn what you need air conditioning power to the different rooms of your house. Only have to indicate:
– The air conditioning mode you use most, either cooling or heating.
– The orientation of your home.
– The type of window and insulation.
– The number of square meters.

And you’ll get as a result the power in W you need!

Here we propose specific models of air conditioning for you to choose the one that best suits your needs according to their level of performance.

– Virtual Simulator

Thanks to our 3D Virtual Reality application can see how our teams are at home. What is Virtual Reality? This is the latest technology that can display 3D elements in a real environment using the camera of your smartphone or tablet.

Its operation is very simple. You have to print a few labels you’ll find the APP website and place them in the place where you want to put equipment. There are four types of markers:

– Split: for computers that are placed on the wall.
– Console: ground equipment
– Cassette: ceiling equipment
– Outdoor Unit.

Download markers on: / asesoraireacondicionadoapp
– Installation Tips

Doubts? Do not know where to place your air conditioning elements (thermostat, indoor unit and outdoor unit)? In our application you can find a number of simple tips will guide you to the ideal placement to get the most out of your air conditioning system, improving efficiency and increasing your comfort.

– Where to buy?

For Hitachi, the Japanese air conditioning brand that manufactures in Spain, the greatest treasure is its products, air conditioning with the latest technology. Very few manage to find out, and only the true professionals have found for you. Hakken is Japanese Takara, treasure trove. Find your treasure in the search box outlets find APP, organized by regions and then by province.

See more information:


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