MeinVodafone – The major online services in one app!


The major online services in one app!

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The major online services in an app. For contract, CallYa- and business customers.


Top features for contract customers:

– At a glance: Your remaining inclusive units and current costs directly on the home page – Everything about your contract: information at runtime and the collective. Book matching options.

– Abroad: information about cost and consumption abroad. With roaming consultant.


Top functions for CallYa customers (prepaid):

– Everything at a glance: your current balance and the remaining included units directly on the homepage

– Never leave your credit: Download the app your card, transfer funds to other or ask for some.

– CallYa toppings: Pick every month new loyalty gifts from.


Top features for all customers:

– All the network: For current information on availability of our mobile and fixed network

– Help & Support: Answers to the key questions, forum, tips and tricks

– Shopfinder: Where is the nearest Vodafone shop? Find him via GPS or address.



Good to know:

If you want to change data, you need security reasons your customer password. You set it in the contract and find it in your contract.


*** FEEDBACK ***

More tips & information can be found in our forum on
There you can also give us some feedback to My Vodafone and exchange ideas on various topics with other users.

See more information:


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