Free Wifi Kill reference – Free wifi kill pro with android 2016-2017

Free Wifi Kill reference

Free wifi kill pro with android 2016-2017

Free Wifi Kill reference screenshot 0Free Wifi Kill reference screenshot 1Free Wifi Kill reference screenshot 2

“wifikill” Protect your privacy and data and only connect to Trusted Networks! Simply add your trusted networks to the Trusted Network list in the app and only when one or more of those networks are nearby will your WiFi inspector actually enable. Use the wildcard ‘any’ to connect to any network the name only. Or be extremely restrictive and only enable your Wifi kill when a network with the same name AND mac address is nearby.

-“wifikill” Shows information of the Wi-Fi (external IP, signal strength, download speed, the subnet mask, gateway, DNS).

-“wifikill” Shows information about the device vendor (external IP, signal strength, speed download, CID, LAC, MCC, MNC).

-“wifi kill” Network Analysis Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi Finds close and shows SSID, signal strength, channel, encryption).

– Shows graphically the bandwidth and the overlap between channels for “wifikill” networks.

– Monitoring & Diagnostic remote devices: shows CPU usage, use of RAM and displays the available memory drive.

– Monitoring access the Wi-Fi network Receive notifications when a new device or an unknown device connects to the network..

-Fonctionnalités Table: it is possible for each connected devices and any hostnames or IP address.
– Port Analyzer to analyze the most common ports used.

– Available themes. “wifikill” pro and wifi password.

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