Event Logger – Easily keep track of what your phone is doing.

Event Logger

Easily keep track of what your phone is doing.

Event Logger screenshot 0Event Logger screenshot 1Event Logger screenshot 2Event Logger screenshot 3Event Logger screenshot 4Event Logger screenshot 5Event Logger screenshot 6

Easily keep track of what your phone is doing.

Event Logger will keep track of the following events:

☑ WiFi Enabled/Disabled
☑ WiFi Connected/Disconnected
☑ Bluetooth Enabled/Disabled
☑ GPS Enabled/Disabled
☑ Power Connected/Disconnected
☑ Orientation Changed
☑ Locale Changed
☑ Screen On/Off
☑ Screen Unlocked
☑ SMS Received
☑ App Started
☑ Call Events(Incoming/Outgoing)
☑ Headphones Plugged/Unplugged
☑ Media Scanner Started/Stopped
☑ Phone Booted
☑ Phone Shutting Down/Restarting
☑ User Changed Time/Date/Timezone
☑ Airplane Mode On/Off
☑ Battery Level Ok/Low
☑ Wallpaper Changed
☑ Volume Changed

Events that works only with exposed framework:
☑ Media Play/Pause

Events to be added in future releases:

☐ HDMI Plugged/Unplugged
☐ NFC On/Off
☐ Service Started/Stopped
☐ Mobile Network On/Off
☐ SD Card Removed/Inserted/Mounted/Unmounted

• ACCESS_WIFI_STATE – to determine if wifi is on/off
• ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE – determine connectivity change (connected/disconnected)
• BLUETOOTH – determine bluetooth state (on/off)
• BLUETOOTH_ADMIN – determine bluetooth state (on/off)
• RECEIVE_SMS – intercept incoming sms(only phone number is stored)
• READ_PHONE_STATE – detect incoming calls
• PROCESS_OUTGOING_CALLS – detect outgoing calls
• INTERNET – used for ads and sending crash reports
• RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED – detect that phone has booted up
• ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION – detect GPS state (on/off)
• GET_TASKS – get running applications on a device
• RESTART_EVENT_SERVICE – internal permission, used to restart service when killed by sistem

Detail information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/AbyxR5


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