ESET Parental Control – A safe, friendly Android experience for your children.

ESET Parental Control

A safe, friendly Android experience for your children.

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New! Comprehensive protection for children’s mobile devices

ESET Parental Control for Android lets you manage your child’s online activities so they can Enjoy Safer Technology® every day.

Feel good about the time your child spends on the Web — even when you’re not around.

Designed to promote collaboration between children and parents, this app features a child-friendly interface that openly displays the controls you have implemented and allows the child to request additional playtime or access to a blocked site.

At the same time, this app lets you block inappropriate apps or websites, monitor activity and set limits on time usage.

For even more peace of mind, you can locate children any time through their connected devices. You can also ensure that you stay in touch by requiring that a text message be acknowledged before the device can continue to be used.

98% of parents believe it’s their job to educate their child about online safety—but one in three have never had a conversation with them about it.* In addition to protecting children, this app is designed to help promote a continuing dialogue about Internet safety.
*Source: Cyber Parenting in the Digital Age, PTPA/ESET joint survey, October 2015.

Download free basic protection or purchase premium comprehensive protection

Free Features
✓ Manual application guard enables you to select the apps to be blocked
✓ Auto app categorization enables automatic app access or blocking by age group.
✓ Time block budget lets you set screen time limits for usage
✓ Limited mail report offers summary of child’s device usage and online activity
✓ Limited Web control report provides 7-day summary of website usage

For even better protection and additional peace of mind, try Premium ESET Parental Control for Android.

Premium Features
All of the features of free version, plus:
✓ Web Guard filtering automatically blocks predefined web categories based on child’s age
✓ Web Guard monitoring lists all visited websites for up to 30 days
✓ Child locator from portal feature shows location of child’s device on
✓ Child locator from app feature shows location on parent’s Android device
✓ Full Web control report provides history of all visited web pages/domains/categories/URLs
✓ Application control report shows a list of the child’s most-used apps
✓ Parental message locks child’s device screen with SMS message which child must confirm to unlock
✓ Mail report provides detailed summary of each child’s device usage and online activity.

► If you have comments, questions or suggestions regarding our app, please contact us at
► Learn about cyber parenting and keeping children safe in a digital age at the ESET Parent Education Portal.

► If you are experiencing any issues with your ESET Parental Control for Android app, please check out our FAQ or visit ESET Security Forum
► To send a support request directly from your device, open the ESET Parental Control main menu, tap Customer care and then Report issue.
► Manage your devices using your account through the Parental Control for Android web page


Although we use ratings to help us improve our products, we also realize that the app can be reviewed by children who aren’t always happy with its features. One of its main functions is to block content and apps that might be interesting but simply aren’t age appropriate.

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