Prayer Times – Presidency of Religious Affairs "Prayer Times" Application

Prayer Times

Presidency of Religious Affairs "Prayer Times" Application

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Presidency of Religious Affairs “Prayer Times” Application
You can find out about Prayer Times all over the world with this app.


– See prayer times of all cities on your list.
– For your location are automatically displayed.
– Find the Qibla direction.
– Set an alarm for the prayer time or ahead of it.
– View nearby mosques on map (For Turkey)
– Listen to adhan and adhan prayer.
– View monthly Prayer Times,
– Find out the Qibla time, Qibla direction, etc. for cities on your list.
– Get information about religious days and nights and find out their dates.
– See the verse, hadith, and prayer of the day.

Note: Restart your phone if you can’t see adhan tones on the list while setting an alarm.

Note: If you encounter an error in the widget app, try again after adding a new location.

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