EnergyWatch Suomi – Manage your home Energy Watch application.

EnergyWatch  Suomi

Manage your home Energy Watch application.

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The application together with the Energy Watch, Smart Plug and Smart Tempi with will help you understand and manage their electricity use wherever you are.

Device allows you to:
* Combines multiple smart home appliances to the same application
* Keep track of the temperature
* Track and monitor a single device power consumption and reserve it
* To see and keep track of the total energy consumption and energy use to see the total cost of the
* To see the hourly electricity price directly from Nord Pool


Smart Tempi allows you to monitor indoor and outdoor temperature in real time, when you are not at home
Smart Tempi also allows you to:
* Watching how warm is a casual outfit at zero
* To see how the outside temperature affects the electricity consumption
* Monitor the temperature to sensitive equipment, eg. A wine cabinet, greenhouse, aquarium
* Notification Service to help you get an alarm if the set temperature limit is exceeded or undershot, or the device batteries are running out of power

You can buy a smart Tempi at

Smart Plug

SmartPlug has you take control of your home lighting and appliances. You can also see what the individual devices use power and what it costs

What you can also do the SmartPlug has?
* The timer allows you to set the unit to 23 minutes to an hour and 59 minutes. Smart Plugisi fall backward, and turns off automatically. When Smart Plugisi has a timer position, you can even start it by pressing the green button on the Smart Plug
* Random function allows your timing does not start every day at the same time. You can choose the timing of random 5-15 minutes between when the timer should go on. It allows eg. You make your home feel populated sex
You only need a smart phone and a wireless internet connection, which is connected to the SmartPlug. Suitable for both permanent and casual apartment.

Smart Plugin you can buy at

Energy Watch

The mobile application will make the Energy Watch from an easy to use and allows for an overview of your home smart devices wherever you are. You are able to combine a number of Vattenfall’s smart devices on the same account, you can monitor your home, for example, temperatures at the same time when you turn the coffee maker on.
After you have installed the electrical measuring rice Energy Watch, you see the current and the previous electricity consumption. You’ll find the home power thieves and reduce sähkökustannuksiasi, as well as view the current and future price of electricity.
Energy Watch also allows you to:
* Analyze the consumption of electricity
* See how the always-on devices affect the electricity consumption
* Compare your spending history information
* You can get an alarm when the device batteries are running out of power
Energy Watch will help you understand what your home cost a lot, and what little. It is easier for you to save on the right issues of electricity and money. Energy Watch allows you to see energiansäästötoimiesi the impact of electricity consumption.
Energy Watch, you can even see the past, present and future electricity prices by the hour. Hourly rate function can be used by anyone. Energy Watch is intended to anyone who has access to your electricity meter and continuously connected to the wireless internet (WI-Fi), also did not Vatttenfallin customer. You just need to install the application and select the “View demo and hourly rates”.
You can use a smart EnergyWatchia after you have purchased it and installed the electrical measure of rice.

You can subscribe to the Energy Watch at

* Application charging time varies depending on how much internet online is traffic.
* To use EnergyWathcia, TEMPIA Smart or Smart Plugia you must first purchase the necessary equipment and to register a user account at
* Please note that the Energy Watch mobile application to use for data traffic
* You do not need to be in Vattenfall’s customers in order to use EnergyWatchia, Plugia Smart or Smart TEMPIA

Support for Android 5

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone:


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