Caller Name Talker – The light weighted caller name announcer for android users

Caller Name Talker

The light weighted caller name announcer for android users

Caller Name Talker screenshot 0Caller Name Talker screenshot 1Caller Name Talker screenshot 2Caller Name Talker screenshot 3Caller Name Talker screenshot 4Caller Name Talker screenshot 5Caller Name Talker screenshot 6Caller Name Talker screenshot 7Caller Name Talker screenshot 8Caller Name Talker screenshot 9

Caller name announcer is highly applicable in situation where you are driving and phone is in pocket OR someone send text message and your android phone is away from you.

Caller name talker speaks out every thing while some one is calling you or sends you sms. You will know the caller or message sender without looking at your phone. Caller name talker simply announces it using your device speaker. It says the caller name and text message sender name and also read the message body. Caller name talker is totally free in Play store.

You don’t know who is calling you unless you look at the phone but with this caller name speaker you don’t need to worry about any more. Caller name talker will simply announce the caller name with built in device speaker.

The caller name talker speak out the caller name, sms sender name and sms content/sms body so that you can identify who is calling you or who send you message or what is in the message without looking at mobile. It voices the caller ID of the calling over your phone ringtones. Caller name speaker announce the caller name and sms sender name to know who is calling you or who send you message.

Caller name announcer announce
★ caller name if exist in contact
★ speak the caller number if not in content
★ speak incoming sms sender name
★ speak sms content


• Enable/ Disable the application
• Enable/ Disable announcing caller name
• Enable/ Disable message sender name
• Enable/ Disable sms body/ message contents
• Enable / Disable announcement in silent OR vibration mode
• Choose delay between announcement
• Choose how many time you want to repeat the announcement
• Option to turn On/off the announcement when phone is active
• Press volume Up/Down to stop announcement
• Announce while call is active
• Reset to default setting
• Volume setting
• Ringtones setting
• Announcement in different languages.
• Change the speech and announcement rate to slow, fast, normal, very fast and very slow
• Multiple languages are integrated and we are working hard to add more languages.

This caller name talker will speak out the incoming caller name, message sender name and message content so you would be able to identity the caller or message sender without looking at your pone.

This caller name announcer is designed for multiple languages. It contains almost 40+ languages.

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone:


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