Xtended Settings – This app will make your car breakdown and make next doors dog poop on your lawn.

Xtended Settings

This app will make your car breakdown and make next doors dog poop on your lawn.

Xtended Settings screenshot 0Xtended Settings screenshot 1Xtended Settings screenshot 2Xtended Settings screenshot 3Xtended Settings screenshot 4Xtended Settings screenshot 5Xtended Settings screenshot 6Xtended Settings screenshot 7

FOR HTC !!!!!
Xtended Settings app is run in conjunction with XPOSED framework. All modifications DOES NOT touch main system files.
99% of modifications work without reboots.


HTC 10, HTC M9 Range, HTC M8 Range, HTC M7, HTC One Max, HTC One X, HTC One S, HTC One X+ ……



[*] Statusbar theming support – theme each icon individually!
[*] Hide specific notifications icons
[*] MIUI Battery bar with charging animation
[*] Choose custom clock colour
[*] Left / Right / Centre / Hide clock
[*] Hide am/pm
[*] Custom header Date / Time Settings
[*] Carrier logo for statusbar
[*] Select custom colour / Animation / Image for notifications pull-down
[*] Enable / Disable Fade Effect on pull-down
[*] CM brightness control
[*] Custom carrier operator text / Hide
[*] Choose between AOSP and HTC Recent apps dialogue
[*] Show carrier icon
[*] Custom xtended settings button
[*] Network speed meter
[*] Notification count setting
[*] Block Pull-down on lock-screen
[*] Custom notification colours
[*] Double Tap Gestures
[*] Gradient colours / custom image for statusbar
[*] Display operator name on left of statusbar
[*] Custom statistics line ( CPU , Battery, Wifi etc )

HTC Launcher:

[*] Enable landscape
[*] Lock / unlock workspaces
[*] Custom navbar images
[*] Select custom colour / Animation / Image for app drawer
[*] Choose icon packs – ADW Icon Packs, Go Launcher etc
[*] Custom colour / Hide app labels on home-screen
[*] Custom colour / Hide app labels on appdrawer icons
[*] Custom colour / Hide folder labels home / appdrawer
[*] Custom colour background for open folders
[*] Blinkfeed ratio / sync options
[*] Customize weather clock widgets appearances
[*] Customize Actions menu, including custom app


[*] AOSP / HTC Lock screen
[*] Custom carrier lock-screen text
[*] Hide time on lock-screen
[*] Hide am/pm on lock-screen
[*] Hide date on lock-screen
[*] Custom lock-screen shortcuts on HTC / AOSP
[*] Custom app notifications on lock-screen
[*] Hide operator on lock-screen
[*] Custom weather images Light / Dark / Colour
[*] AOSP enable add widgets and disable camera widget options
[*] Custom action motion gestures (M8)
[*] Custom action lockscreen gestures


[*] Custom 3 finger swipe gestures and 3 finger tap
[*] Configure long press delay of buttons
[*] Search panel has extra entries. Choose custom apps or actions
[*] Long-press Back / Home / Recent / Menu Actions (10+)
[*] Long-press on Lock-screen Back / Home / Recent Actions (10+)
[*] Use volume up / down to wake the device
[*] Volume buttons music control ( Screen Off )
[*] Customize button colours / glow (M8)
[*] Gradient colours / custom image for navigation bar
[*] Disable volume sound when pressing volume buttons


[*] Allow flash LED during charging / screen on
[*] Highly configurable auto-brightness settings, with manual configuration of each sensor value
[*] Use flash-light as notification light with custom flash rates
[*] Use button-light as notification light with custom flash rates (M7)
[*] Select time-out for led notification
[*] Disable low battery notification
[*] Select NFC restrictions
[*] Disable MTP Notification
[*] Enable / Disable ISO Mount. Use HTC Sync or custom image
[*] Custom auto-brightness algorithms, custom defined ramp values and pre-sets
[*] Force enable Wifi N
[*] Immersive Mode (Full Screen). Select custom app for hide statusbar / navbar / both
[*] Xtended power saver options
[*] Quick Flashlight when screen off
[*] CRT On / Off Animations
[*] Signature checking disabled

Advanced Tweaks:

[*] Low memory killer values configuration
[*] Fix permissions
[*] Zip-align apks
[*] Media scanner for missing media
[*] Mount system rw / ro
[*] Disable log-cat
[*] Hi – Res mode
[*] Recovery zip installer
[*] Custom IMEI
[*] Wipe cache / dalvik

Plus lots more……

See detail information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/LdhHPH


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