Seqrite Launcher – Locking down the default home screen to allow only whitelisted apps

Seqrite Launcher

Locking down the default home screen to allow only whitelisted apps

Seqrite Launcher screenshot 0Seqrite Launcher screenshot 1Seqrite Launcher screenshot 2Seqrite Launcher screenshot 3Seqrite Launcher screenshot 4Seqrite Launcher screenshot 5

The Seqrite Launcher app allows enterprises to lockdown Android mobiles and tablets. This lockdown mode, or kiosk mode, enables these devices to only access those apps and functionalities which are allowed by the administrator. This enables enterprises to restrict device misuse and ensure that the devices are only used for official purposes. For instance, access to games, social networking apps, web browsers and other apps can be disabled.

NOTE: The Seqrite Launcher app is meant for employees whose organizations have purchased a license of Seqrite MDM. For further instructions, please contact your IT administrator.

Seqrite Launcher app key highlights:
★ App request from device to server to whitelist apps on launcher
★ Option to exit the launcher for a limited time period
★ Kiosk Mode: Single app to be visible in the launcher in auto start mode
★ Company name, logo on launcher header along with default wallpaper
★ Options for Help, FAQ, Live Chat, Submit Query and Contact Support
★ Lock down Android devices into kiosk mode
★ Allow/block access to specific apps only
★ Disallow users to change system settings
★ Completely customize apps and functionalities on devices
★ Decide what apps and features are visible on the home screen
★ Enable/disable kiosk mode remotely and within seconds

See more information and download apk file for your android phone:


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