FDownloader – The Fast Internet Downloader. The Best Internet Download Manager.


The Fast Internet Downloader. The Best Internet Download Manager.

FDownloader screenshot 0FDownloader screenshot 1FDownloader screenshot 2FDownloader screenshot 3FDownloader screenshot 4FDownloader screenshot 5FDownloader screenshot 6FDownloader screenshot 7FDownloader screenshot 8FDownloader screenshot 9FDownloader screenshot 10FDownloader screenshot 11FDownloader screenshot 12FDownloader screenshot 13FDownloader screenshot 14FDownloader screenshot 15FDownloader screenshot 16FDownloader screenshot 17FDownloader screenshot 18FDownloader screenshot 19FDownloader screenshot 20FDownloader screenshot 21FDownloader screenshot 22FDownloader screenshot 23

Did you lose your time to download your files on the internet?
Now! We will help you save your time to download any files with high-peed download.
It’s easy! Just only try and feel our internet download manager with the FDownloader Applicatoin.

– Download with multi-threads per file.
– Download multi-files at time.
– Download setting.
– Quickly open file by file type filter.
– Quickly management download files, filter download file.
– Notification download processing.
– Download all file types: apk, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, avi, mp3, mp4, pdf, png, jpg…
– Auto capture URL link from web page.
– Download video from All website URL
– Customize your download folder.
– Automatic resume download when network or WIFI is turned on.
– QA Code Scanner to get link by QA Code or Bar-code.

* How to use FDownloader to download your files?
Step 1. Tap the link on your browser and choose FDownloader app.
Step 2. Tab to Start button to begin download a file.
Step 3. After your files are finished, you can see your file in the Finished tab.

* How to download the video from URL?
Step 1: Copy the any URL from your browser.
Step 2: Open the FDownloader app and click the Add(+) button to copy link to download a file.
Step 3: Paste the URL into the link and modify your download filename.
Step 4: Click the Start button to download a file.

Don’t forget give me any ideas or feedback to improve the FDownloader app to better in the future.

Thank you very much!

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/pgE9Gs


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