Anti Spy for Paranoids – An App for the Paranoid User. It will find All Potential Spy Apps on your Device

Anti Spy for Paranoids

An App for the Paranoid User. It will find All Potential Spy Apps on your Device

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Are you Paranoid?

Are you afraid that Someone may be Spying on you?

Then you need this App.

It will find ALL Spy Apps on your Device.

Someone may plant an App on your Device, and use it to Track you (i.e. get your Location), Listen In on you, get your Messages, Call Log, Pictures, Videos, etc. Possibly your Boss, Partner, Parent or Child.

Just by Having and Using an Android Device, we TRUST (or rather HOPE?) that Google and the other App Developers and Publishers are not Spying on us.

But the Developers/Publishers of many Apps do have the Possibility to “Spy” on you. They probably aren’t, but you don’t know for sure!

It is known that many Apps read our Location, and fetch lots of other types of Information from our Devices. That is a FACT. Exactly what they fetch from your Device – and what they use it for – we don’t know.

If you are Paranoid, you may want to reduce the probability of being Spied on in this way, by stopping the worst POTENTIAL Spy Apps on your Device. Regardless of whether it is nasty Pro Spy App, or a Google App.

Then you need this App.

“Anti Spy For Paranoids” will divide all Apps on your Device into four Spy Warning Levels:

– GREEN, the Apps which are Completely Safe
– YELLOW, the Apps which may be used by the Developer/Publisher of the App (only) to Spy on you (*)
– ORANGE, the Apps that can be used by “anyone” to spy on you (**)
– RED, the Pro and Well Known Spy Apps which can be bought from several Sources

This is Probably the Most Advanced Anti Spy App currently available today.


– Detects ALL Spy Apps on your Device
– Also Stopped and Hidden Apps are Found
– Four Spy Warning Levels: RED, ORANGE, YELLOW and GREEN
– Detection of Active Administrators
– Detected Spy Apps can be UNINSTALLED
– Detected System Apps can be DISABLED
– Trusted Apps can be WHITELISTED
– Optional Checking of SYSTEM Apps
– Optional display of GREEN and YELLOW Apps
– Fast Scanning Engine
– Extensive Help Text and FAQs
– FREE Updates

One other Free Spyware App only checks for 10 well known RED Spy Apps (!)

Most users are mainly concerned about ORANGE and RED Spy Apps.

If you are Paranoid, you should also be concerned about the YELLOW Apps!

(*) Please note that even though many App Developers/Publishers can Spy on you, most of them are probably NOT doing it.

(**) Anyone who have had Physical Access to your Device – and/or know your Password(s) – can easily Spy on you using simple (innocent looking) Apps from the Play Store, most of which are normally made for other Purposes.

If you have a Question, please check the Help Text and FAQs Section of the App.

If you cannot find an Answer to your Question there, please send it to us in an email.

Also, please send us an email before you post a Bad Rating or a Negative Review. Most problems seem to be caused by simple misunderstandings.

Download apk file:


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