Pocketshare: File Transfer NAS – Fast and secure wireless flash drive (NAS) with integrated WiFi file transfer

Pocketshare: File Transfer NAS

Fast and secure wireless flash drive (NAS) with integrated WiFi file transfer

Pocketshare: File Transfer NAS screenshot 0Pocketshare: File Transfer NAS screenshot 1Pocketshare: File Transfer NAS screenshot 2Pocketshare: File Transfer NAS screenshot 3Pocketshare: File Transfer NAS screenshot 4

Do you still use USB flash drives? You carry gigabytes of freely available memory directly in your pocket with you – your smartphone! Pocketshare gives you easy and secure access to this memory via Mac OS, Windows and Linux.

File transfer from one computer to another has never been easier: Just copy your files to Pocketshare and access them from any other computer on your local network. Keep track of the shared files with the built-in file manager.

Even advanced users get their money’s worth: Pocketshare is a full-featured NAS that supports Samba (SMB / CIFS), WebDAV, and FTP connections.

With integrated file transfer over WiFi Direct you can send files to other Android devices (premium version required). With the free version you can receive files from other Pocketshare users in your area.

• Pocketshare is foolproof: no other software required – access your wireless flash drive via Finder or Windows Expolorer.
• Pocketshare is fast: super-fast wireless file transfer over WiFi or WiFi Direct.
• Pocketshare is secure: No servers – your data is only available on your smartphone. Enable user authentication to secure your flash drive even more.

The premium version (available as in-app purchase) offers the following additional features:

• File transfer to other Android devices via WiFi Direct
• Free choice of the share folder. E.g. external SD card
• Protection through authentication (username / password)

Official site: pocketshare.de
Facebook: facebook.com/pocketshareandroid
Google+ :plus.google.com/communities/104629899486288189616
Twitter: @PocketshareApp

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/VqRZh4


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