Türkçe Dil: Minecraft PE – This application adds Minecraft PE Turkish languages. T Minecraft PE!

Türkçe Dil: Minecraft PE

This application adds Minecraft PE Turkish languages. T Minecraft PE!

Türkçe Dil: Minecraft PE screenshot 0Türkçe Dil: Minecraft PE screenshot 1Türkçe Dil: Minecraft PE screenshot 2Türkçe Dil: Minecraft PE screenshot 3Türkçe Dil: Minecraft PE screenshot 4Türkçe Dil: Minecraft PE screenshot 5

For years, we played Minecraft Pocket Edition in English. During this time, I saw thousands of people that want to come Minecraft PE Turkish languages. Change.org campaign, I offer dozens of e-mail and our response to that Mojang wait instead you’ve turned the line portlayıp hundreds of missing CE version of Minecraft Turkish MCP plugin.

With this application will be able to even play Minecraft PE update overtakes Turkish-date manner. Turkish language file is updated frequently with you I will give you the best Minecraft PE Turkish experience!

NOTE: Turkish Language: Minecraft PE application does not provide free you Minecraft Pocket Edition. Only mcpe lets you play Turkish.

These applications work in a language not in stock Minecraft PE. For example, a language without pre-game Vietnamese (vi_vn language code) or Turkish: a Turkish patch made installation outside Minecraft PE application (possible tur_t is, tur_t is, en_GB, en, TUR language code) a Minecraft PE clients that have not run this application. Most successful installation, change your language settings within your Minecraft Client Turkish with English Language: You can practice by trying again with Minecraft PE. This is tr_tr language code used in practice.

application automatically makes all the setup for you. read the button when you need to do is .


0.15.x’t 0.14.x’t, why not work, why does not work even as I received many questions. Neither do I. THIS is why I want to answer this question MCPA 0.16.0 Beta are added using the new API winning support the full feature I wrote in the full version of this application. That’s why there is no opportunity to work in older versions.

-this Is not an official Minecraft app product, not approved by or associated with Mojang.
-This Application is not an official product of Minecraft, Mojang has no relationship with.
-ScreenShots In game images copyright owner is & copy; 2009-2016 Mojang AB / Mojang AB synergies
-screen Images on a yet to play in-game images, textures and images copyright of the images in-game screenshots right & copy; 2009-2016 Mojang AB / Mojang synergies EU belongs.

Download apk file: https://goo.gl/yc8HVW


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