Battle Pokedex GO – Pokemon GO Battle Pokedex is your guide on how strong your Pokemon is in battles

Battle Pokedex GO

Pokemon GO Battle Pokedex is your guide on how strong your Pokemon is in battles

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Battle Pokedex for Pokemon GO (aka Battle Calculator) aims to be the most reliable and complete, yet simple to use battle calculator to assist you on your journey and battle adventures! 🙂

Test if your Pokemon has the good moves, and what kind of Gyms it can attack with the new Move Test mode! You just enter the stats, and Battle Pokedex launches hundreds of battle simulations against multiple gym opponents (Snorlax, Vaporeon, etc) adds up the results, and shows you how your moves compare to other possible move sets of your Pokemon, and what opponents you can fight in the Gyms. Good moves can give you a significant advantage in battle so this is an important thing to consider when deciding which Pokemon to power up and use in gyms.

In other modes of the Pokedex you can check your chances in specific Gym battles, compare two Pokemon in general, or even compare your Pokemon with friends and calculate remote battles with them over Messenger, WhatsApp or any messaging platform by sending special links.

Use it only with Pokemon GO! (other Pokemon games have different rules)

How real are the battle simulations that power Battle Pokedex? We’re trying to calculate as realistic odds as possible. Each battle calculation involves hundreds of battle simulations with different charge and dodge decisions to assess winning chances. The simulations use the complete Pokedex and move database data, and use exact damages, move durations, simulated delays between moves, maintain charge move energy according the rules, use type effectiveness, same type attack bonus, all according to the Pokemon GO battle system. You can inspect all the inputs and a lot of aggregated stats from the battles in the app to improve your knowledge.

*** Copyright notice ***

Copyright and possibly registered trademark of all Pokemon names and images is believed to belong to The Pokémon Company. The use of these names and images for illustration – in line with their usage on,, and other Pokemon related websites and numerous Google Play apps – is believed to be fair use.

This app is not affiliated with or endorsed by the The Pokemon Company, Niantic or Nintendo in any way. It is built by fans for other Pokemon GO fans who love the game, to foster a deeper understanding of Pokemon stats and powers, help sharing Pokemon related information and thereby ultimately promoting and supporting the Pokemon brand.

See detail information and download apk file for android:


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