App Locker Master – ☆ The best AppLock ☆The best way to protect your phone and your applications

App Locker Master

☆ The best AppLock ☆The best way to protect your phone and your applications

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★ ★ ★ ★ ★ The best, lightest, fastest and most professional App Lock only with 2.0 Mb for install★ ★ ★ ★ ★
♣♣♠ Don’t worry when someone borrow your phone & read your privacy. ♠♣♣

With App Locker Master (Protect app) you can
☆ Lock individual app and all app in your phone and personal things from other users.
☆ Lock: Messages, Emails, Contacts, Gallery, Google Play Store, Settings, etc..

► All this with very less battery and memory consumption for sure!

App Locker Master (Protect app) help you to feel secure when:
☆ You share your phone with anyone
☆ Your kids play with your phone
☆ You have personal images in Gallery.
☆ You have SMS, MMS, other chat application, etc. that you don’t want to be shared.

★ Lock system app and 3rd party with App Lock advance feature
★ PATTERN and PIN for lock in portrait and landscape screen mode
★ Protect uninstalled and installed.
★ Hidden icon of AppLock
★ Themes (Eggs, Love, Circle, Emoticon)
★ Change locker background, set your favorite photo in your gallery
★ Time PIN for more secure (Ex: If your password is 12 and the time is 08:15, your PIN will be 120815)
★ Samsung fingerprint for unlock
★ Dial to open App Lock
★ Widget icon for open and switch on/off lock App Lock service
★ Prevent uninstall App Lock with devices admin
★ Smart Locker screen orientation
★ Delay lock time
★ DIY your Lock screen
+ Animation in/out
+ Change your hint message
★ More secure with: random password key, pattern size, invisible pattern
★ Start this App Lock immediately when your phone start/restart/boot.
★ Plug-in “Intruder Selfie”, capture or selfie any intruder trying to access App Locker Master
★ Interface easy to use, easy to lock any apps

How to uninstalled App Locker Master (Protect app)
– If you not turn on prevent uninstalled “Device Admin Active” in application setting, you can uninstall App Locker Master same with other 3rd party in your phone
– If you turn on prevent uninstalled “Device Admin Active”, please set turn off this before uninstall App Locker Master or disable admin permissions in Location & security -> Select device admin -> App Locker Master (set turn off)

How to open App Lock after hide icon App Lock
– You can using 2 way below to open AppLock again
+ Open Phone application -> Dial ##12345 (this is default dial code of AppLock)
+ Drag out widget icon of AppLock and click to open

What I need to do when forgot password?
– In this case you can using “Forgot Password” in setting, first time you start lock any apps this feature will show for you, you need to using your email for retrieve password when forgot it
– Other, you can using the code in “Forgot Password” for reset you password,

Why this App Lock not working in Android 5.1 above
– Cause Android system update so you need to allow AppLock access Usage Stats in your phone, we will guide this to you when first install/open AppLock

Why this App Lock not working in LG, SONY devices run Android 5.0
– Cause Android system update so you need to allow AppLock access Usage Stats in your phone, so please turn on Usage Stats by below guide: Settings app -> Security -> Usage Stats -> turn on for App Locker Master

Why this App Lock sometime auto turn off in OPPO devices
– Cause OPPO devices auto kill so background app when full memory, so please add App Locker Master to whitelist by below guide: Settings app -> Security Center -> Memory Cleanup -> Whitelist -> add App Locker Master into this list

How to use time PIN?
– Device’s time will combine with your PIN at end.
Ex: If the time is 22:35, ***2235 would be your PIN (*** is your PIN)

If have any problem when using App Locker Master (Protect app)
welcome to send email to us!


See detail information and download apk file:


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