WHATS INVISIBLE – Check messages like a ghost.


Check messages like a ghost.

WHATS INVISIBLE screenshot 0WHATS INVISIBLE screenshot 1WHATS INVISIBLE screenshot 2WHATS INVISIBLE screenshot 3WHATS INVISIBLE screenshot 4WHATS INVISIBLE screenshot 5

Want to see your messages without the other person knowing about it or see it? This app is the solution.

WHATS THE INVISIBLE facilitate this task with a simple, secure and fast. You will be able to see all your mail using an incognito.

That is, for a short period of time, can become invisible and read all the messages you have sent your contacts through chat conversations or groups.

To start using the invisible (for all groups and their contact) only activate the Off button, then switch to On.

To re-enable the connection and be visible to all your contacts will only have to change the status of On to Off.

Finally, the gear menu of the application you will find an option to determine how long you want to use invisibility mode (timed).

Download apk file: https://goo.gl/AlKJGx


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