Status Bar Mini – Add RAM, battery info, SD card info date / time to your screen.

Status Bar Mini

Add RAM, battery info, SD card info date / time to your screen.

Status Bar Mini screenshot 0Status Bar Mini screenshot 1Status Bar Mini screenshot 2Status Bar Mini screenshot 3Status Bar Mini screenshot 4Status Bar Mini screenshot 5Status Bar Mini screenshot 6Status Bar Mini screenshot 7Status Bar Mini screenshot 8Status Bar Mini screenshot 9Status Bar Mini screenshot 10

This app adds meaningful text readings (text overlay) to your screen. You can add date in different formats, battery level and temperature, available memory (RAM) and CPU reading. You can quickly refer to the statistics at anytime. You can also change their font size, color, order, location, transparency, and layout.

### Translations ###

Russian: Андрей Кравцов
Polish: TomoS
Chinese (TC / SC): Paul Chan

Thanks for all translators!

Update Log:

1.0.130 Fix “exception list” for lollipop (require PACKAGE_USAGE_STATS permission)
1.0.125 Adjust color for each individual field
1.0.124 Fix for android L
1.0.123 Fix for Android L
1.0.122 Polish (TomoS)
1.0.120 Font fix
1.0.117 External Storage fix
1.0.115 Bug fix (battery)
1.0.113 Bug fix (inverted mode, hide when notifying)
1.0.111 Xiaomi fix (小米、紅米)
1.0.108 Bug fix
1.0.107 Hide when notifying [except for 4.4.2] (require BIND_ACCESSIBILITY_SERVICE permission)
1.0.106 RU update
1.0.104 Fix to 4.4.2 (service not restart, restart when unlock)
1.0.102 Add Russian Translation (by Андрей Кравцов)
1.0.101 Rounded corners option, Update icon, Fixes for Nexus 5
1.0.98 Fixes for kitkat (4.4), Remove +1 button
1.0.94 Reduce battery consumption
1.0.90 Field width adjustment (Ordering section)
1.0.87 Refresh Interval
1.0.81 Hide when Calling (Require READ_PHONE_STATE permission)
1.0.80 Notification fix (4.3+)
1.0.78 Text transparency, date bug fix
* Exclusion List (Require GET_TASKS permission)
* Full screen detection function is depreciated
1.0.74, 75 Bug fix for custom location / orientation
1.0.73 Add internal / external storage disk readings (Free / used)
1.0.71 Add “None” option
1.0.66-68 Add “Inverted mode”

See more information and download apk file for your android phone:


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