Orange Antivirus – The phone is protected against viruses and malicious applications

Orange Antivirus

The phone is protected against viruses and malicious applications

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With the free app Orange Bitdefender Antivirus powered by your phone is protected from viruses and malicious applications being safe when browsing the net. And if you lose your phone, you are able to locate, lock or delete information from it, even remotely. In addition, you can set an alarm to help you find it quickly, if you wander around the house.

The application can be downloaded, but is only available to subscribers of Orange. If you have a subscription option or access included, you can test for 30 days. Subsequently, to further benefit its benefits, you must activate the option Orange Antivirus (1 euro / month, VAT) or a new subscription access included. Fee option will be found on your invoice Orange.

To use the application, you need an Orange online account, if you have not already, you can create one / my account.

What functions does the application

 antivirus scan with a detection rate of 100%
 security applications that can track access requirements of each application
 web security that protects you in real time when you use the default Android browser or Google Chrome
 Anti-theft, which can block, track or delete information in your phone to another device connected to the Internet, if you lost or stolen you directly from your Orange account or SMS

antivirus scanning
The application automatically scans applications when you install. Works in the cloud, so it is always updated with the latest virus signatures to deal with all types of computer threats. You can choose to do a full scan manually whenever you need.

security applications
With this function you can check in any time installed applications, for to find out what information they have access to your phone.

Web Security
Whether you use your phone browser or Chrome application, this feature protects your smartphone in real time, checking web pages accessed even before they display.

Did you lose your phone or it was stolen? Do not worry, with this feature, you can block your phone and you can locate and delete information from it right from your Orange account or by SMS. Moreover, you can listen to what is happening around your phone and protect your information on it with a password.

Why Orange Antivirus powered by BitDefender?
Bitdefender, awarded on numerous occasions, protects 400 million users worldwide. And is now available for your Orange, application blocking the latest threats, Trojans and more.

you have to know
 Web Security function is available for your phone’s browser and for Chrome
 delete function device requires permission to access private information
 automatic response command does not work on Android 4.1
 If you have a phone with Android 4.1, you can uninstall only after manually disable the device administrator (Device Admin)

how to uninstall application
Enter the menu Settings> Security> Device administrators, uncheck Orange Antivirus application from the list and then click Disable. Then you can uninstall.
You will be prompted to enter the PIN, this is the numeric code that you used when activating the anti-theft.

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