DVGet Менеджер закачек – It accelerates your downloads several times (from YouTube banned Google's rules)

DVGet Менеджер закачек

It accelerates your downloads several times (from YouTube banned Google's rules)

DVGet Менеджер закачек screenshot 0DVGet Менеджер закачек screenshot 1DVGet Менеджер закачек screenshot 2DVGet Менеджер закачек screenshot 3DVGet Менеджер закачек screenshot 4DVGet Менеджер закачек screenshot 5DVGet Менеджер закачек screenshot 6DVGet Менеджер закачек screenshot 7DVGet Менеджер закачек screenshot 8DVGet Менеджер закачек screenshot 9DVGet Менеджер закачек screenshot 10DVGet Менеджер закачек screenshot 11

Advanced Features:
– Interception of downloads from the browser and clipboard;
– Accelerated download files in multiple threads;
– Download files to SD-card for Lollipop and Marshmallow;
– Parallel downloading several files at once;
– Spooled files after disconnection or a restart of the program;
– Automatic start / stop downloads on / off Wi-Fi;
– Widget on the home screen and a window over all windows with a list of running downloads;
– Display the icon of the program and progress of the injection in the notification panel;
– Backup list of downloads and settings to a file on the flash card;
– Built-in browser to download from sites requiring registration;
– Autorun program after turning on the phone;
– Intelligent and fast algorithms to download files;
– Save files of different types in different folders;
– Planning of loading of files at the right time;
– Sound and vibration on the file has finished downloading;
– Interception and mp4 download online videos;
– Easy control list downloads;
– To retrieve all types of audio and video;
– Set the program interface.

Adding downloads of the browsers:
– Click on the link in the “Perform an action using” select DVGet editor;
– Or make a long tap on the link, click on the “Share” / “Share” / “Send” and in the window that appears, select DVGet Editor from the context menu;
– You can copy the link, and then program the service to automatically intercept it from the clipboard and send in DVGet editor.

Manage uploads:
– By injection press to start / stop the process;
– Press on the completed downloading open the file system;
– Long press on pumping brings up a context menu.

download from YouTube banned regulations
The program displays advertisements. To buy her off DVGet Pro

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/CEiBzo


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