Calculator – Simple & Stylish – One use of this free app, and you’ll never want to be without it.

Calculator - Simple & Stylish

One use of this free app, and you’ll never want to be without it.

Calculator - Simple & Stylish screenshot 0Calculator - Simple & Stylish screenshot 1Calculator - Simple & Stylish screenshot 2Calculator - Simple & Stylish screenshot 3Calculator - Simple & Stylish screenshot 4Calculator - Simple & Stylish screenshot 5Calculator - Simple & Stylish screenshot 6Calculator - Simple & Stylish screenshot 7Calculator - Simple & Stylish screenshot 8Calculator - Simple & Stylish screenshot 9Calculator - Simple & Stylish screenshot 10Calculator - Simple & Stylish screenshot 11Calculator - Simple & Stylish screenshot 12Calculator - Simple & Stylish screenshot 13Calculator - Simple & Stylish screenshot 14Calculator - Simple & Stylish screenshot 15Calculator - Simple & Stylish screenshot 16Calculator - Simple & Stylish screenshot 17Calculator - Simple & Stylish screenshot 18Calculator - Simple & Stylish screenshot 19

A simple, stylish calculator.

Supports percent calculation, constant calculation, repeat and exponential, and interest calculation. Features memory functionality and the ability to display and save formulas.

All calculation results are saved, and past formulas can be viewed at any time.
Anything entered is saved when the app quits, so the app resumes where you left off.
The widget can be used to perform the app functions on the home screen.
Percent calculations make calculating sales tax easy.

[Calculation Results]
*Can be changed through Settings.

[Percent Calculation]

[Constant Calculation]
Constant calculations follow the Casio-style.
After inputting the desired number, tap the desired operator twice to set it as the constant.
Ex) When you want to constantly add 100

[Exponential Calculation]

[Compound Interest Calculation]
Ex) When calculating the yearly maturity on 0.5% (after tax) of $10,000 deposited yearly.

This calculator does not support function operations.
Uses Sharp-style calculation formulas.

* Some use Casio-style.
* Calculator is free, however ads can be disabled by purchasing the Hide Ads Plugin.

[Main Functions]
– Floating widget
– Usable from the home widget
– Saves entries even when closed mid-calculation
– Press and hold the result to copy to clipboard
– Input up to 12 digits
– Usable portrait or landscape
– Tap the DEL key to delete 1 character
– Hold the DEL key to clear the entry
– Tap the C/CE key to clear the entry
– Hold the C/CE to clear everything
– Designed for tablets
– Displays history
– Saves history
– Customizable themes
– Customizable fonts
– Customizable layouts
– Customizable display
– Set the rounding of decimals
– Set the rounding place of decimals
– Vibrates when the widget is tapped
– Constant calculation (Casio-style)

Made in Japan.
© woodsmall inc.

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone:


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