Automatic Call Recorder – ACR – One of the Most Popular Call Recorder App on Play Store

Automatic Call Recorder - ACR

One of the Most Popular Call Recorder App on Play Store

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Automatic Call Recorder – ACR is a simple and smart auto telephone voice recorder app for android to easily record phone calls from both sides with clear voice anytime.  Never worry about losing important call recordings. Record phone calls and save call recording with ease with
this phone call recorder – ACR. Our App is available is globally available helping thousands of
users to record phone calls.Automatic Call Recorder – ACR app provides a free phone call recorder & more features like share, play, delete and rename call recordings, multiple audio format, add to favorites etc. Enjoy free phone call recorder services with Automatic Call Recorder – ACR!
Automatic Call Recorder -ACR Features

✔Auto record any incoming & outgoing calls
✔ Clear HD quality recording on both sides
✔ Enable/Disable call recording to your needs 
✔Play recorded calls anytime 
✔ Quick search recordings
✔ Share recording to anyone via social apps
✔ Delete, rename telephone recording
✔Get all caller detail from recordings
✔ Add important phone call recording to favorites
✔ Helpful for your business & life
✔ Supports AMR, 3GP, MPEG4 to record
✔ Supports auto, own voice, opponent voice etc
✔ More phone recording formats coming soon
✔ Ask whether to keep the phone recording in pop-up window
✔ Enable/Disable notification bar after each recorded call
✔ Automatically back up your telephone recordings to the cloud
✔ Set your recordings to private mode
✔ Easy to find your passwords when forget
✔ Deleted recordings will go to the recycle bin
✔ Retrieve the recordings that you deleted by mistake
More Special Features in Automatic Call Recorder
✔ Lighting fast speed with smooth experience 
✔ Simple to operate and use
✔ Material Design User Interface
✔ Shows caller data on Home Page
✔First phone call recorder with no restrictions on length of call recording
✔ Less RAM Consumption (Call Recorder works in background)
✔ Small APK Size
✔ Less Power Consumption
Automatic Call Recorder- ACR App provides full fledged solutions for your voice call recording needs during the calls. This app acts as your personal Call Recorder app helping you to record phone calls which are important, memorable and report someone’s threatening calls also. You will see many Call Recorder Apps in Play Store but Automatic Call Recorder- ACR has state of the art solutions specially catered to your needs. With clear voice call recording and instant save methods, this may be the #1 Call Recorder App on the Play Store.
We are always working on further features to make the Automatic Call Recorder app better and more useful for your Call Recording needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us if there is any
query/suggestion/problem. We will do our best to help. If you like our Automatic Call Recorder app, do rate us on play store. Share the Automatic Call Recorder app with your friends if you have enjoyed funny Call Records.
Always be prepared!
Download Call Recorder now before you miss to record phone calls that are very important!
Happy Call Recording

Download apk file for android:


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