Where is my phone? – Get your phone back by sending a rescue SMS or via the WEB!

Where is my phone?

Get your phone back by sending a rescue SMS or via the WEB!

Where is my phone? screenshot 0Where is my phone? screenshot 1Where is my phone? screenshot 2Where is my phone? screenshot 3Where is my phone? screenshot 4Where is my phone? screenshot 5Where is my phone? screenshot 6Where is my phone? screenshot 7

If you lose your phone, send from another mobile an SMS containing a special sentence sentence to start the localization process.
The research will take maximum 10 minutes in order to find the best position using all necessary resources(network, wifi, GPS).
You will then receive an SMS with its coordinates and a Google maps link

Unlike other similar applications, research works even if the GPS is disabled

NEW: Use these functions from the WEB !!!

New features:
_ Let the phone ring
_ Take pictures from the phone cameras! (Web only)
_ Lock the phone
_ Anti-Theft (SIM change detected)

Troubles uninstalling the app?
You enabled the app as device administrator by using the lock feature, you need to get rid of that in order to uninstall the app:

Hit “uninstall” in the main menu → uncheck the app


Android System settings → Security / Location & Security → device administrators → uncheck the app

See detail information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/wQwWZX


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