MijnKPN – With MijnKPN app gives you easy access to MijnKPN on your mobile


With MijnKPN app gives you easy access to MijnKPN on your mobile

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The MijnKPN app you have easy access to MijnKPN for private subscription. The MijnKPN app is NOT suitable for business subscriptions.

What can the MijnKPN app?
• See your latest bills
• Check your mobile ringtone, SMS and MB credit
• Put your mobile on and off Additional Options
• Adjust your cell MB and Bel-SMS bundles
• Get fun activities and interesting news

Would you anytime, anywhere to easily take advantage of the capabilities of MijnKPN? Then MijnKPN app is useful for you!

What should you do to start?
• If you already have a KPN ID, you can log in directly. If not, create a KPN ID to kpn.com/mijnkpn Do you have both a mobile and internet, TV and phone account, then you can both connect to the KPN ID. You can also link several mobile subscriptions to your KPN ID. Linking products to your KPN ID can only through MijnKPN website and not in the app itself.
• With the same KPN ID data log in the MijnKPN app and you can get started right away!
• Once you are logged in, it is possible to use the button to switch right of the screen between the different products that you have linked to your KPN ID.

What messages do I get the app?
The new MijnKPN app makes it possible to receive interesting articles for you from KPN. You can identify yourself via the app’s settings if you want to receive these messages. This kind of messages you receive are already using the KPN newsletter, SMS or mail. We’ll send you updates example of where you can use 4G, tips on surfing abroad and fun activities.

Why we have been asking to authorize the use of mobile traffic and roaming information?
Upon installing the app, you get the question whether we can personalize your messages based on mobile traffic and roaming information. By that we mean that we can send you messages that we think they are specifically of interest to you. Such as a message indicating that you almost go about your MB bundle or additional information about Internet bundles abroad when the border is about. You can identify yourself via the app’s settings if you want to receive these messages.

The forum KPN you can talk to other customers to share your experiences.
Stay well informed of the latest news, promotions and failures: forum.kpn.com/t5/KPN-apps/bd-p/kpn-apps

Thanks in advance!
The MijnKPN app is offered free by KPN BV

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/VIUeY9


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