Caller Name Announcer – Free – Smart incoming caller name speaker, caller announcer and sms announcer

Caller Name Announcer - Free

Smart incoming caller name speaker, caller announcer and sms announcer

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Caller Name Announcer is highly applicable in situations while driving and phone in pocket or receives SMS while phone in other room. Caller name announcer is a wonderful caller name speaker that announces who is calling or who send you sms and what the message is. Caller name announcer has lots of customizations to handle easily. Even controllable in silent, ringing or vibrate mode. Handle easily with unknown call.

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Usually you can’t identify who is calling unless you get the phone out of your pocket, but with this caller name talker you don’t have to worry about that any more. Caller name announcer simply announces call and sms with your device speaker. Says caller name, message sender name and message body. Phone caller name talker is smart announcer and sms reader FREE of cost for you. This caller name alert is fast sms speaker and caller announcer. Perfect phone caller name announcement if you are in need for such an app.

Caller name speaker announces everything while some one is calling you or send you a message, you will identify it without looking to your smart phone. Caller name announcer uses the built-in Android text-to-speech engine with phone speakers to speak the incoming caller name , SMS sender name and contents of the SMS. Caller name speaker will not work if your smart phone does not have text-to-speech library but you can easily download it from Google play store.

Caller Name Announcer announces

✍ Calling person name if exists in your contacts
✍ SMS sender name ( if exists in contacts ) and SMS contents
✍ If does not exist in contacts, call that unknown

Available Smart Features:
Easily customize your Caller Name Announcer with bundles of available options

❃ Enable or Disable Caller name announcer in silent or vibratory mode
❃ Enable or Disable SMS Sender name announcer in silent or vibratory mode
❃ Enable or Disable announcing caller name
❃ Enable or Disable incoming SMS sender name only
❃ Enable or Disable SMS Reading
❃ Select number of repetitions for announcement
❃ Select delay time between announcements
❃ Text to Speech settings ( Language, Volume, Speed, pitch )
❃ Tap on notification to stop reading SMS contents
❃ Press volume up or down to stop announcement
❃ Announce while call is active option
❃ Decrease ring tone volume on call option
❃ Internal strings are translated about eight ( 11+ ) different Languages
❃ Customize your ring tones ( Ring tones, Alarm tone, Notification tone )
❃ Manage your volume settings ( Ring volume, Music volume, Alarm Volume )
❃ Select different languages for text to speech ( 40 Languages supported )
❃ Don’t miss any important call, Also deal with unknown call

This application is a caller name talker which speaks out the Incoming caller name , message sender name and message contents or message body so that you can identify who is calling and who sent you sms text message without looking into your phone. It voices the caller id of the calling person and it is also sms speaker . Caller name speaker is a call announcer and sms announcer which announces who is calling or sent you a sms either your girl friend is calling you or mom dad. Caller name id delivers fine quality from an easy and professional interface.

Caller name announcer features multi language support and it can be used in 40+ Languages

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