Caller Name Speaker – Free – This caller name announcer announces caller name, SMS sender name & contents

Caller Name Speaker – Free

This caller name announcer announces caller name, SMS sender name & contents

Caller Name Speaker – Free screenshot 0Caller Name Speaker – Free screenshot 1Caller Name Speaker – Free screenshot 2Caller Name Speaker – Free screenshot 3Caller Name Speaker – Free screenshot 4Caller Name Speaker – Free screenshot 5Caller Name Speaker – Free screenshot 6Caller Name Speaker – Free screenshot 7Caller Name Speaker – Free screenshot 8Caller Name Speaker – Free screenshot 9Caller Name Speaker – Free screenshot 10Caller Name Speaker – Free screenshot 11

The feature was not available for Android users in the meantime.

Want to find out who is calling you or texting you without looking at your phone? Caller name speaker speaks caller name each time you get a call and speaks text message’s sender name, contents when someone sends you a SMS. Caller name speaker just announces the caller name clearly in between ringtone reducing its volume. This caller name alert is fast sms speaker and caller announcer.

With caller name announcer it is really easy to find out the incoming caller name and SMS sender name in different situations like when you are driving and phone is in your pocket or phone is not in hands reach. This caller name talker will announce it for you without phone to look. Caller name talker uses the built-in android text-to-speech engine or Google Text-to-speech engine to announce the caller or SMS Sender ID with phone speakers.

This application is like a caller name talker which announces caller name , announces SMS sender name and message contents. Caller name speaker is a call announcer and sms announcer which announces who is calling or sent you a sms. Caller name talker speaks the caller id of the person calling over your phone’s ringtone.

The call announcer can be customized based on the user requirements. This is the perfect phone caller name announcement. With this caller name alert you can easily get precise, quality verbal announcements immediately since the app says caller name fast and clearly.

Caller Name Speaker will announce the following for you –
✓Caller name if it exists in your contacts list
✓If caller name does not exist in your contact list, name it “unknown”
✓Incoming SMS sender name and SMS contents

Imagine how cool it becomes when your smartphone tell the name of the caller when call is incoming. SMS sender name or SMS contents for you. This Caller name announcer is completely free to download. No need for phone to look when you have caller name talker. When you receive a call, new text message, the speaker will speak the caller name or sms sender name.

Highly Customize your Caller Name Speaker :
✓ Enable or Disable announcing caller name
✓ Enable or Disable incoming SMS sender name only
✓ Enable or Disable incoming SMS contents also
✓ Turn ON or OFF the feature over the device’s status. ( Ring, Vibrate, Silent )
✓ Multiple times announcements and control time interval for announcing caller name
✓ Tap on notification to stop reading SMS contents
✓ Press volume up or volume down to stop announcement
✓ Customize your ring tones ( Ring tones, Alarm tone, Notification tone )
✓ Manage your volume settings ( Ring volume, Media volume, Notification Volume )
✓ Enable or Disable announcement while call is active
✓ Lower ringtone volume on incoming calls
✓ Stop caller name announcement on shaking device
✓ Set messages to speak before and after caller name
✓ Text to speech settings ( Language, volume, speed, pitch )
✓ Caller name announcer is completely free download.
✓ Select different languages for text-to-speech ( 40 + Languages supported )
✓ Internal strings are translated in 12 Languages

If you like using caller name speaker, show your love in reviews.
If you found any issue, please write to us, we must take in consideration.

【 Note 】
– Caller name speaker will not work if your smart phone does not have text-to-speech library but don’t worry, you can download caller name speaker from play store. For best voice quality, Download higher quality voice
– Please check media volume settings of your phone before blowing your mind and rating negative. It might be just phone media volume is lower.

Download apk file for your android phone:


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