Ufficio Postale – Port post office in your pocket!

Ufficio Postale

Port post office in your pocket!

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Download now the official app of Poste Italian and leads the post office in your pocket!

Wherever you can pay a Bulletin, send a telegram, a Registered or a letter of Mail1 or Mail 4, check the status of a shipment and search post offices, mailboxes and Postamat ATM near you.

The Search feature on the map, get access to the new ticket booking service for the queue in the post office, choosing the time you wish to be served at the counter: saves time and went to the post office just a few minutes before your appointment. Once in post office you need to “check in”, approaching the electronic ticket to the QR code reader on the yellow totem. On the totem pole you will see a confirmation message.
The service is currently only active in the post offices of some cities.
Check if the app is already active in the post office nearest to you!

With the Post Office app you can:
pay a premarcato Bulletin (type 896 and 674) or white (123);
send a telegram, a Registered or a letter with Post 1 Post 4. Italian Post Office will provide printing and delivery to the addressee, in Italy or abroad. For Registered Mail, Post 1 and Post 4 can attach documents, even by scanning with the camera of the device. Pay your submissions with BancoPosta account, Postepay card and credit card. The receipt of the shipment will be sent in your dashboard MyPoste of poste.it, also accessible from the app;
ask for the ticket for the queue in the post office, to be shown the door when he called your turn;
check the status of a matching or shipping of a parcel. Frames with your device this bar code on the shipment receipt, automatically all the data of the expedition will be available to perform the monitoring. You can also store them to repeat the search more quickly;
search post offices, ATMs Postamat and mailboxes on map and list, using geolocation or an address of your choice. Share the post office details with your friends via email.

To authorize payments in the app activates the PosteID system. You can complete your payment using the code only PosteID chosen by you (info within the app in PosteID section of http://www.poste.it/app/Sistema_di_sicurezza_PosteID). Alternatively, you can authorize your payments with the same procedures used on poste.it site for debit account through BancoPosta BancoPosta player and debit Postepay code with the disposable one-time password received via SMS.

To make payments remember to access the app by entering the login credentials used on poste.it site. If you are not registered, you can do it from the login app (app registration by only permitted to adults and Italian citizens resident in Italy). If you do not remember your login credentials to poste.it, you can retrieve them directly from the app login.

Detail information: https://goo.gl/oVJNHa


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