Snapp Builder – Snapp Builder – the first tool to build mobile websites and apps from a mobile.

Snapp Builder

Snapp Builder – the first tool to build mobile websites and apps from a mobile.

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Snapp Builder is the world’s fastest growing mobile platform for business.
Create your own website and app for free in minutes! No coding skills or technical knowledge needed.
Our users are mainly from mobile-only countries, where desktop computers are not common.
We empower people & businesses to come online, own their mobile presence, and grow!


– FREE app on Aptoide
– FREE apk file
– FREE mobile website
– Multiple app categories to choose from.
– Rearrangeable themes to better suit your needs.
– Live updates:
. Versatile design to personalize your app with your own images and text
– Social Media integration, connect your Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to your app
– Publishing to multiple app store platforms (Web, Aptoide, Google Play)
– Send push notifications to your users
– Additional services


Are you a store? A restaurant? A gym? A hospital or any other business? Snapp is what you need!
Create your mobile website & mobile app, create a unique 1:1 communication to keep clients up-to-date with all the news about your business, allow them to contact you, to book appointments, to buy your products and many other services!
Businesses with a mobile presence can increase their revenue up to 40%. What are you waiting for?

Do you want to give your event an innovative taste, increase the engagement with your audience and keep them up-do-date on all the news regarding speakers, locations and key activities? Then what you need to do is just create your own mobile website and app with Snapp!
Engaged fans are the most powerful word-of-mouth weapon and you can stay in touch with them also for future events!

In Snapp we firmly believe in the power of spreading information. Everybody of us has an interest or a passion which can have a big impact on multiple people. It is our mission to make this power available for everybody. We have teachers who created apps for their students, students that created apps for other students, doctors who created apps to educate on important health issues and many more. Blogs are also for fun: gaming communities or personal diaries are powerful ways to connect people through informations and personal experiences.
You have the power to educate the world, now with Snapp you can express it at its best!

There are people fighting everyday against wars, discriminations, repressions, hanger and illnesses.
We want to give a voice to all these initiatives and to improve our world day after day.
NGOs and No-Profit organisations have the chance to sensibilise the public on specific issues, raise awareness on their achievements and future projects to gather the fundings required.
With Snapp, your voice will not remain unheard and people will know about your efforts.

Download apk file for android:


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