IObit Applock – Face Lock – Smart Face Lock with face recognition tech protect your Android privacy.

IObit Applock - Face Lock

Smart Face Lock with face recognition tech protect your Android privacy.

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IObit Applock newly added Face Lock works in Android 4.4+, lock and unlock apps much more safer and quicker with AI and facial recognition tech. Face lock is free, IObit Applock also protect privacy security with pattern and PIN password for Android phone and tablet.

★#1 Face Lock app with average 4.5 ratings in Play Store!
★Supporting 13 languages

How IObit Applock protects your privacy and data security:
✔Lock system settings, switches and any private app
✔Face Lock and unlock apps easy and fast without password
✔Fake Lock disguises the lock screen with fun covers
✔Hide private content from notification
✔Catch snooper’s photo and notify by email
✔Customized Delay Lock to avoid frequently unlock
✔Efficiently protect your most used apps
✔Tablet and Android 6.0 are supported

App Lock
►Lock Photo, Video and social apps(e.g whatsapp, Messenger). Prevent your most private messaging apps and photos, videos from prying by snoopers.
►Lock shopping apps(e.g Flipkart) and your games. Keep children from accidentally shopping and making in-app purchases.
►Lock work related apps. Secure your important stuffs and confidential work information.
►Lock payment related apps(e.g Flipkart). Protect your financial and health data against leakage.
►Lock system settings like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Contacts. No worry about your phone settings got messed up by unauthorized access.

Face Lock
► Protect privacy by using AI and face recognition
► Verify your face to access the personal apps safely and instantly
► No fear of forgetting password
► Available on android 4.4 and up

Fake Lock
► Picture Cover disguises all locked apps with your own picture from gallery
► Force Stop shows a fake crash screen to those who want to access to your apps
► Call Cover disguises all locked apps with a screen of an unknown incoming call
► Crack Screen covers all locked apps with a specified picture. Shake your device to crack the picture and unlock the apps

Notification Lock
►Hide private content of notifications and heads-up from social apps
►Automatically lock private messaging apps to keep sensitive chat previews from curious eyes
►Feel safe and secure with family, friends or strangers in public

Delay Lock Option
►Lock app every time
►Lock app when screen goes off
►Lock app after screen off for 3 minutes
►Customize the time interval to avoid frequently unlocking and switching between apps

Intruder Selfie
►Snap a photo of who tried to unlock your apps
►Email the snooper’s photo to you immediately
►Record the date and time in Applock for check

Change Icon
►Replace IObit Applock’s icon with Alarm Clock, Weather and Calculator on home screen
►Pretend to be another app to avoid discovering and uninstalling by others

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