Volume Pro – Volume control plus save your custom audio profiles! Simple and Fast!

Volume Pro

Volume control plus save your custom audio profiles! Simple and Fast!

Volume Pro screenshot 0Volume Pro screenshot 1Volume Pro screenshot 2Volume Pro screenshot 3Volume Pro screenshot 4Volume Pro screenshot 5Volume Pro screenshot 6

Volume Pro is your favorite audio manager at any time, all in the Material Design style!!

– Volume Control plus Quick Adjustment: Set your preferences and create your customized profiles to be activated at any time with a click! All at your fingertips.

– Save Your Profiles: Your profiles are customizable. can in addition to also to change the ringer volume, notification. alarm and turn on or off bluetooth! You can set different icons for each profile.

– Unlimited Profiles: Volume Pro gives you everything for FREE! Creates and uses all the profiles created without limitations! Simple, Fast, FREE!

– Your Profiles: At any time you can see your profile, and can modify it as you want. Profiles allow you to change all the parameters mentioned in a single click!

– Quick Shortcuts: You can create shortcuts on the main screen of your device for each profile that you have created! Volume Pro allows you this for free!

– Notifications bar: Volume Pro offers you the possibility to set your profiles directly from the notification bar with pop-up. Whitout leaving the app you’re watching! Useful to able change your profile on the fly!

– Customizations: Customize Volume Pro by selecting the color you prefer! All in Material Design!

Currently available:
✔ Bluetooth, Headphones, Music, Video and Games Volume
✔ Ringtone volume
✔ Notifications volume
✔ Voice Call volume
✔ Alarm volume
✔ System volume
✔ Bluetooth Call volume
✔ Changing Audio Ringtone
✔ Changing Audio Notifications
✔ Changing Audio Alarm
✔ Enable / Disable Bluetooth

See detail information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/1znH5T


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