shoperate – The smart cash register


The smart cash register

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Kinderleicht collect, manage customers and products,
Reports evaluate. Simply working professionally.

Fast & intuitive Cash
In a very clear and intuitively designed Checkout bonieren easily via scan or click. Cash with different payment methods. Slide a receipt to the parking deck, if your client but would like to continue shopping.
Put in a few steps to vouchers, products and categories in different colors. Also product variations (different sizes, etc) can be very simple to create.

Smart Customer Management
Create new customers in a few steps with master data, contact information and bank details. Write down individual data such as treatment details in an extensive note system.
With profound search and filter functions, see very specific customers or customer groups. Export customer lists for your marketing and optimize your customer loyalty. And much more.

Ingenious real-time reports and statistics
Analyze in real time extensive reports and statistics –
whether journal, daily closings (Z-Bons), event log, sales reports, operator, period, article or financial types reports. See detailed statistics with a click to the most loyal customers, the products best-selling or most motivated employees.
With exports in various formats you’re always prepared for an optimal analysis & planning – or for your accountant and financial auditor.

See more information and download apk file for your android phone:


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