Cek Tagihan Listrik PLN – Checking the information of electricity bills Online free

Cek Tagihan Listrik PLN

Checking the information of electricity bills Online free

Cek Tagihan Listrik PLN screenshot 0Cek Tagihan Listrik PLN screenshot 1Cek Tagihan Listrik PLN screenshot 2Cek Tagihan Listrik PLN screenshot 3Cek Tagihan Listrik PLN screenshot 4

Applications of checking information on PT PLN electricity bills. PLN Persero.
Applicable to all electricity bills pln.

– Check the electrical bill
– Install new PLN
– Confirmation PLN

Simple easy to use and practical.

You can also perform a new installation of electricity, the new plug pln and confirmation of payment.

Detail information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/EQAvYt

Telkomsel AS Client – US Telkomsel Telkomsel Client for all cards

Telkomsel AS Client

US Telkomsel Telkomsel Client for all cards

Telkomsel AS Client screenshot 0Telkomsel AS Client screenshot 1Telkomsel AS Client screenshot 2Telkomsel AS Client screenshot 3Telkomsel AS Client screenshot 4Telkomsel AS Client screenshot 5Telkomsel AS Client screenshot 6Telkomsel AS Client screenshot 7Telkomsel AS Client screenshot 8

Telkomsel US Application Client is an android application that allows users jarigan cellular provider Telkomsel US Card to enjoy the service (Unofficial Application Telkomsel).

The application runs in OFFLINE (offline applications) without internet access, the application is available in the system in the form of shortcut numbers – the number of existing services on the part of Telkomsel, which has been configured so that auto dial, free for you.

Features include:
– Info bonus
– Info pulses / check balances / check pulse
– Telkomsel CUG Activation
– Buy a package of 1000 SMS
– Buy a package call during assault
– Buy package calls a night assault
– Purchase internet package
– Transfer pulse
– List of assault pack
– Phone Call Center

This application can also be used for Telkomsel users Simpati and Halo if it supports.

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Detail information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/uoFYTS

Magnifier – Your magnifier of choice, the best magnifying glass in the Play Store!


Your magnifier of choice, the best magnifying glass in the Play Store!

Magnifier screenshot 0Magnifier screenshot 1Magnifier screenshot 2

Simply the best magnifying glass in the Play Store.
Uses your phone’s camera to magnify text or anything else. Great for the visually impaired, for soldering small stuff or just for curious kids.
With light mode (on devices with camera flash) capture function, high fps mode, invert function for the visually impaired and many many more options.
Have been tested to work well on almost any Android device.

Detail information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/U7QiXj

E-Z Concrete Calculator & Cost – Calculate the exact amount of concrete you need and cost in Imperial and Metric.

E-Z Concrete Calculator & Cost

Calculate the exact amount of concrete you need and cost in Imperial and Metric.

E-Z Concrete Calculator & Cost screenshot 0E-Z Concrete Calculator & Cost screenshot 1E-Z Concrete Calculator & Cost screenshot 2E-Z Concrete Calculator & Cost screenshot 3E-Z Concrete Calculator & Cost screenshot 4E-Z Concrete Calculator & Cost screenshot 5E-Z Concrete Calculator & Cost screenshot 6E-Z Concrete Calculator & Cost screenshot 7E-Z Concrete Calculator & Cost screenshot 8E-Z Concrete Calculator & Cost screenshot 9E-Z Concrete Calculator & Cost screenshot 10E-Z Concrete Calculator & Cost screenshot 11E-Z Concrete Calculator & Cost screenshot 12E-Z Concrete Calculator & Cost screenshot 13E-Z Concrete Calculator & Cost screenshot 14E-Z Concrete Calculator & Cost screenshot 15E-Z Concrete Calculator & Cost screenshot 16E-Z Concrete Calculator & Cost screenshot 17E-Z Concrete Calculator & Cost screenshot 18E-Z Concrete Calculator & Cost screenshot 19E-Z Concrete Calculator & Cost screenshot 20E-Z Concrete Calculator & Cost screenshot 21E-Z Concrete Calculator & Cost screenshot 22E-Z Concrete Calculator & Cost screenshot 23

This App allows you to quickly figure out the amount of concrete you will need in both cubic metres or cubic yards, depending on which region you live in and how concrete is ordered.
Simply input your measurements in feet and the cost per cubic metre then hit the update button for the results… its that simple!
Don’t have measurements in feet? no problem! beside each input box there is an inches button and a mm button. Since the program calculates in feet, you can simply enter your dimensions in mm or inches if you wish then hit the mm or inches conversion button beside each input box and the program will convert it all for you… no thinking required! Just input your numbers in what ever format you wish and convert…and done!
As for the price, the program calculates based on cost per cubic metre. But if you live in an area where concrete is ordered by the cubic yard instead, simply enter the cost per cubic yard instead and hit the convert button.
No matter if its cubic metres or cubic yards, you will get the exact cost of the concrete you need provided you input the local cost per cubic metre/yard in your area. Its so simple!
For multiple measurements of area, simply change the current data you entered and hit update again, your current total will not be erased, instead… the new total will add to the current total to add concrete on the fly!
Just hit the clear button when you want to zero out your numbers for a new project.
If you have an L shaped wall, do the area for one of the rectangles first, hit update, then without hitting the clear button, change the dimensions to the second half of the L… the second rectangle and hit update again! The new total will automatically add to the current total making adding areas quickly and easily showing you everything you need to know at once! (Running Total Cost, and Total Concrete required in both cubic yards and metres!)
Got a round column to measure? No Problem!
This program not only does rectangles, it also measures cylinders using the pi radius squared x height formula.
Instantly get the results you need for anything from driveways, sidewalks, patios, stairs, cylinders, walls, piers, footings, columns and so much more!
Want to check your drainage slope? or check level of finished concrete work? we got that covered too with the in-App bullseye and bubble levels for a quick reference!
As an added bonus, we have included features of of Construction Calculator app to bring to you your very own construction calculator! Think Calculated Industries got a good calculator? Were not as pretty, but wait till you see what ours can do!
Calculator includes 4 pages (lists) of functions to select from including many many conversion buttons, quick feet to cubic metres conversion button, and all the bells and whistles you can imagine!
Convert any decimal number into feet, inches and fractions with the click of a button! Add, subtract, multiply or divide feet, inches and fractions with ease! Its all included!

Bring this calculator to your next project, job or estimate for speedy results!
Satisfaction guaranteed!

Please leave us some feedback so we can better shape and develop this app to the growing needs of the concrete business, or contact us at: redsealtest@yahoo.com

See more information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/8Ws63z

Proxy Manager – Unlimit network access using proxy

Proxy Manager

Unlimit network access using proxy

Proxy Manager screenshot 0Proxy Manager screenshot 1Proxy Manager screenshot 2

Access to unlimited network with proxy on Android phones. Proxy Manager is a simple but powerful tool to let you set proxy on phones and access network with it. And it’s ad-free.

Why waste time to set up proxy for apps one by one? This tool can set up global proxy for whole system once time and turn on/off it at any time. Upgrade to pro version, you can even fetch and configure proxy within 1 minute in 1-click.

==== Requirements ====
* Get Root permission

==== Features ====
* Support HTTP/SOCKS4/SOCKS5 proxy
* Support user authentication
* Support fetch and configure proxy in 1-click (PRO version)
* Low battery and memory consumption (written in C and compiled as native binary)

==== Basic Usage ====
1. Set proxy type, host and port of proxy server
2. Switch “Enable Proxy” to “ON”

Contributed with open source project:
* redsocks – transparent socks redirector: darkk.net.ru/redsocks/

Detail information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/OTZyqh

Court Date Reminder Pro – Never forget court or legal meeting again with our Court Date Reminder Pro.

Court Date Reminder Pro

Never forget court or legal meeting again with our Court Date Reminder Pro.

Court Date Reminder Pro screenshot 0Court Date Reminder Pro screenshot 1Court Date Reminder Pro screenshot 2

1sttimeoffender.com presents our Court Date Reminder.

Never forget your court date or legal meeting again with our patented court date reminder. Receive a notification email, 1 week, 2 days, day of and 4hrs before you need to be in court. Easily reference your judge and plan your reminder the right way. Be sure to enter the address to the location and our mapping function will help you get to your destination on time with the help uber or google maps.

Features that are coming in version 2.01 include.
*Securely send documents involving your case to your lawyer or clients with ease.
*Login to our site and use the full site functionality.

1st Time Offender, or its affiliates, is not responsible for how you use this application or you making any appointment, court date or anything on time. The information contained within this application may be invalid or outdated. Use at your own risk.

United States Only


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See more information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/tStW7S