Score Keeper Gaming Calculator – Score Keeper Calculator keeps game scores for up to 5 players; simple to use.

Score Keeper Gaming Calculator

Score Keeper Calculator keeps game scores for up to 5 players; simple to use.

Score Keeper Gaming Calculator screenshot 0Score Keeper Gaming Calculator screenshot 1Score Keeper Gaming Calculator screenshot 2Score Keeper Gaming Calculator screenshot 3Score Keeper Gaming Calculator screenshot 4Score Keeper Gaming Calculator screenshot 5Score Keeper Gaming Calculator screenshot 6Score Keeper Gaming Calculator screenshot 7Score Keeper Gaming Calculator screenshot 8

Keeps a running tally of game score for between 2 and 5 players. I designed it for playing Scrabble; but it is good for any game which needs to remember and add-up successive numbers for up to 5 players such as Boggle, Gin Rummy, Basketball points for two different teams, etc.

Key Points:

1. Stores up to 200 game scores-apiece for from 2 to 5 players.
2. Automatically totals every score entered.
3. Easily allows any score to be deleted, or changed to a different value.
4. Allows you to add, subtract, multiply and divide the value (can’t go negative, only whole numbers)
5. Full tutorial allows you switch back-and-forth between tutorial and calculator to learn how to use.
6. Remembers all scores and who was currently up (if you clicked on their column after the last move).
7. Allows you to get back last game’s scores even after a NEW.
8. Allows you to reset all back to the way it was when you first go the App.
9. Many different ways you can enter the value (click on an empty area and type a number, type a number, then click on an empty area, click on a number that’s already there and press new number ‘=’, etc.)
10. Allows you to delete, change, add, subtract, multiple or divide using any player’s score value.
11. Has full memory with M+, M- and MR (Memory Recall) for intricate math such as 3 + (2 * 7).
12. Easily delete the number in the Memory by entering a zero, then pressing M+.
13. 6 built-in web pages that help with Scrabble, Boggle, dictionary or Google searches (programmable).
14. Fourteen different styles so you can customize your own look.
15. Warns if there might be low memory.

It could be used to count laps for runners or swimmers. Any game where you want to keep track of the overall team scores for the year… such as Football.

It is good for competitive games because it remembers every entry so, even if the phone were to crash – it will still remember every entered score on start-up again.

It has a full tutorial that is easy to move back-and-forth between the calculator entry pad and the tutorial as you learn how to use it. However it is easy to use.

Type a number, click in that player’s column, it will go there and totalize that column. Type the next player’s score, click in their column it will appear there and total it up.

You can also type a number (including zero), click a box and press the ‘=’ key. Whatever number used to be there changes to the new number.

At any time you can continue with calculations, such as:

24 + 3 =

The Help page has six handy web pages, that can be programmed to be any six webpages that you might like, instead.

You can easily change the graphic to one that is appropriate to the game you’re playing by pressing on the graphic. Each time you press it, it will go to the next one (then remember it next time). Currently there is one to indicate Scrabble (r), two different Boggle (r) images, Darts, Horseshoes, Billiards, Basketball team scores, Soccer team scores, Baseball / Softball team scores, Football team scores, Bowling and spooky eyes (my favorite).

If you ever make a mistake and want it to reset back to defaults… just hold the NEW button for 3 seconds and agree. You can either choose to keep any changes you made to the websites, or revert them back to the defaults. (Anagrammer Scrabble Words, Word Finder, Word Finder ‘Your Dictionary’,, a Boggle-Scrabble Cheat engine and Google).


Just because nobody should ever be sued for having made a .99 cent App that helps people… I can not be held responsible for any loss that you might experience during the use of this app For lost scores, or damages that might result from such loss of scores. Every effort has been made to store, and retrieve, any score even if the person’s phone might crash. I have even included a way to retrieve the last game’s scores if you mistakenly clicked the NEW key (even if you entered many values since you clicked the NEW button).

Detail information and download apk file:

Biriba Scoreboard (Mpirimpa) – Biriba

Biriba Scoreboard (Mpirimpa)


Biriba Scoreboard (Mpirimpa) screenshot 0Biriba Scoreboard (Mpirimpa) screenshot 1Biriba Scoreboard (Mpirimpa) screenshot 2Biriba Scoreboard (Mpirimpa) screenshot 3Biriba Scoreboard (Mpirimpa) screenshot 4Biriba Scoreboard (Mpirimpa) screenshot 5Biriba Scoreboard (Mpirimpa) screenshot 6Biriba Scoreboard (Mpirimpa) screenshot 7

Biriba Scoreboard is a score calculator for the card game of Biriba (Μπιρίμπα).

With Biriba Scoreboard, forget about calculations and enjoy Biriba (Mpirimpa, Μπιρίμπα), the most popular card game in Cyprus.

Some Biriba Scoreboard functionalities:
– Calculating and saving the score
– Creating teams
– Keeping history of past games
– Show Statistics

See detail information and download apk file:

NETZSCH Instrument Cockpit – NETZSCH Instrument Cockpit

NETZSCH Instrument Cockpit

NETZSCH Instrument Cockpit

NETZSCH Instrument Cockpit screenshot 0NETZSCH Instrument Cockpit screenshot 1NETZSCH Instrument Cockpit screenshot 2NETZSCH Instrument Cockpit screenshot 3

Instrument Cockpit App
Improved Efficiency with the New Instrument Cockpit App from NETZSCH

You want to view the status of your NETZSCH instruments but you are in a meeting. You want to have an overview of the currently running measurements in your lab. You want to have control of your Thermal Analyzer without being on site.

The new innovative Instrument Cockpit App from NETZSCH offers you these possibilities.

From your iPad, iPhone, Android tablet, Android Phone, or Windows PC connected to the intranet of your company via network, you can connect to NETZSCH instruments and view the current status.

If user permissions are set up accordingly, you can view data of the running measurement and stop the measurement. As no data is submitted through the public internet, the data is protected from unauthorized access from the outside.

What you get:

• Be informed – Of the current status and the remaining time until the test runs are finished.
• Be faster – Direct access to the currently running test measurements. You can view and show results without being in the lab.
• Be safe – Ability to stop any measurement any time remotely.

What you need:

• A NETZSCH DSC, TGA, TMA, DIL or STA system from the current product line
• The Proteus® software version 6.1 or higher
• A network connection in which the measurement computer is installed
• An iPad, iPhone, Android tablet, Android phone or Windows PC

Increase the efficiency of your daily work. You don’t have to be in the lab to know what is going on there. Use the new combination of modern information technology and highly reliable thermal analysis systems, available from NETZSCH.

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Pixel Art for MCPE (Demo) – Convert any image into Pixel Art and then easily paste it into your MCPE world!

Pixel Art for MCPE (Demo)

Convert any image into Pixel Art and then easily paste it into your MCPE world!

Pixel Art for MCPE (Demo) screenshot 0Pixel Art for MCPE (Demo) screenshot 1Pixel Art for MCPE (Demo) screenshot 2Pixel Art for MCPE (Demo) screenshot 3

Pixel Art for MCPE is the first and only Android app which takes any image on your phone and converts it into a Pixel Art creation where you can paste it into your Minecraft PE world with just one easy click!

*** You no longer need to look at an image and painstakingly create pixel art one block at a time. With this app you can quickly and easily turn any image into a pixel art creation whether it be something as simple as an icon from a game or something complex like a selfie you just took ***

It’s an easy 3 step process:
+++ Step 1 — Select an image to use +++
+++ Step 2 — Choose output options +++
+++ Step 3 — Paste it into your world +++

+ This app can powerfully generate pixel art from images of any size and then output into your world up to 512 blocks wide and 512 blocks long! (FULL version required for Pixel Art this large. Free version’s max size is 50 x 50)

+ You can choose whether you want the Pixel Art to be horizontal(flat) or vertical(standing up.)

+ Choose exactly which types of blocks you want the app to use when creating the pixel app. This allows you to use only the wool blocks or nearly every block from Minecraft that has close to a solid color! (FULL VERSION ONLY)

** This is the DEMO version of Pixel Art Generator for MCPE. Please upgrade to the full version to unlock many different blocks for your pixel art, enable pixel art creations over 100 times larger, to remove ads, and to support our development team!

DISCLAIMER: This app is not in any way affiliated with Minecraft, Minecraft PE, Mojang AB, or Microsoft. It is an independent app created by an independent company. The Minecraft Name, the Minecraft Brand and the Minecraft Assets are all property of Mojang AB or their respectful owner. All rights reserved. In accordance with

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone:

AWD – PHP/HTML/CSS/JS IDE – Android Web Developer – Best IDE for WEB Development


Android Web Developer – Best IDE for WEB Development

AWD - PHP/HTML/CSS/JS IDE screenshot 0AWD - PHP/HTML/CSS/JS IDE screenshot 1AWD - PHP/HTML/CSS/JS IDE screenshot 2AWD - PHP/HTML/CSS/JS IDE screenshot 3AWD - PHP/HTML/CSS/JS IDE screenshot 4AWD - PHP/HTML/CSS/JS IDE screenshot 5AWD - PHP/HTML/CSS/JS IDE screenshot 6AWD - PHP/HTML/CSS/JS IDE screenshot 7AWD - PHP/HTML/CSS/JS IDE screenshot 8AWD - PHP/HTML/CSS/JS IDE screenshot 9AWD - PHP/HTML/CSS/JS IDE screenshot 10AWD - PHP/HTML/CSS/JS IDE screenshot 11AWD - PHP/HTML/CSS/JS IDE screenshot 12

Only several days discount on full version. Get it via in app purchase!

Android Web Developer (AWD) is a IDE (Integrated development environment) for web developers. Supports next language and formats: PHP, CSS, JS, HTML, JSON.

Android Web Developer will turn your Android tablet with keyboard into a real development box. Android Web Developer will turn your Android Phone into a small development computer to browse and touch your code on the go.

Greate app for those who want to learn to program!

It a unique mobile software for web developers. It allows you to create your own html, php, javascript, css and other pages or edit already existing. Also you can manage work with remote projects through FTP, FTPS, SFTP WebDAV as well as managing your local files and folders.

Main Features:
– Support all major web languages and formats: PHP, JavaScript, CSS, HTML
– A lot of ways to reach your project ( FTP, FTPS, SFTP, WEBDav and growing)
– Integration with web server
– Code highlighting
– Autodetection of file’s encoding
– Code completion
Error checking
– Hardware keyboard support (e.g hotkeys)
Code beautifying with one click
– Tablet ready UI
– Line numbering
– Fast Navigation (by name of classes/functions)
– Quick preview of your page
– Highlighting the current line
– Search and replace with regular expressions
– Unlimited Undo/redo
– Full screen mode
– Recent projects
– Periodical autosaving
– Git integration
– Rename/create/delete/copy-paste files inside you project

Features of editor:
– Multiline comments ( CTRL+ / hotkey)
– Highlighting of selection end/start part of tag on which cursor is
– Highlighting of selection end/start brackets ( {, (, [ )
– Delete current line ( CTRL + / D)
– Move cursor through one word (CTRL+LEFT/RIGHT)
– Move cursor on one word with selection (CTRL+SHIFT+LEFT/RIGHT)
– Move cursor on one symbol with selection (SHIFT+LEFT/RIGHT)

Features of file system:
– Rename/create/delete/copy-paste
– Possibility to create files with template text

How to run PHP code?
Toturial is here –

Web servers that you can run on Android:
– Ulti Server: PHP, MySQL, PMA (Tested with AWD)
– KSWEB: server + PHP + MySQL
– PAW Server for Android
– Bit Web Server (PHP,MySQL,PMA)

– Mercurial, Dropbox, Google Drive

Following features are available only in FULL version:
No Ads
– Creating more than one connection
– Code beautifying
– Git integration
– Shortcuts ( hotkeys)
– Auto detection of file encoding
– Periodical autosaving
– Integration with Web Servers. You can setup the root link of project and then you will execute all your pages directly on specified web server.
– Color picker dialog
You can buy FULL version through in-app purchase!
About in-app purchase – it’s official google’s tool.

I like your feedback

Looking for Tab with software keyboard? Check this hacker’s keyboard. It support program’s shortcuts!

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