Volume Scheduler – Automatic volume management

Volume Scheduler

Automatic volume management

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Ever been caught out in an important meeting or a class, and part way through some IGNORANT person’s phone starts going off! What an idiotic and self centred piece of… oh. Oh wait. No that’s YOUR phone going off isn’t it? How embarrassing! You forgot to put your phone on silent before you came in, now you’re sure everyone is looking at you with the same disdain you had just moments ago.

With Volume Scheduler, you can prevent such horrible situations. By setting times and days of the week, or even tapping into your calendars and searching by title, location or description, Volume Scheduler can automatically adjust the volume of your ringtones, notifications, alarms, and other noises. Arrange your rules in order of preference, and Volume Scheduler will apply the highest priority rule at each time.

By using the calendar rules, you can use keywords in your calendar events to trigger different rules without having to create new rules. Or select an entire calendar and set-and-forget volume settings for any event that occurs now or in the future! Volume Scheduler checks YOUR calendars, it doesn’t store a separate and disconnected calendar itself forcing you to maintain multiple calendars just to automate your volume controls.

Volume Scheduler was designed on KitKat 4.4.4 and should work from ICS (4.0+) and up. Works mostly well on Lollipop, although some behaviour is slightly different due to changes relating to “Priority Mode”. If you have any settings for priority interruptions these may still activate when creating “silent” rules. Test to make sure your device works suitably.

Volume Scheduler is released under the GNU General Public Licence Version 3. You can find the source code for it at github.com/runecasters/volumescheduler. Bug reports can be made at github.com/runecasters/volumescheduler/issues.

Download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/bJiEq1

Brújula – Do not miss the north.


Do not miss the north.

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You’ll never miss with this app, you will always find the north !!!

– Always know where north is.
– We mark the corresponding degrees.
– Ideal for field trips as you mark exactly grades.
– Bezel.
– Easy to use, just like a real compass.
– Shows the direction of north, south, east and west
– It’s FREE !!!
– No advertising.

Get off this application and test its functionality, you will LOVE!

Download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/MSIurm

Flange Coupling Torque – Torque capacity of a rigid flanged bolt coupling.

Flange Coupling Torque

Torque capacity of a rigid flanged bolt coupling.

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This application is able to calculate the torque capacity of a bolted flange coupling based in the geometry, number of bolts, and coefficient of friction between surfaces.
This application also gives the tightening torque of the bolts, the clamp force from its tightening and suggest a different geometry to improve the torque capacity.
Check http://www.trocoide.blogspot.com.es for further details and lessons learned about this type of machine element.

See more information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/e0noQa

ساهر مسجل المكالمات – Saher Arab to record phone calls along the mp3 and mp4 and 3gp voice and high-definition

ساهر مسجل المكالمات

Saher Arab to record phone calls along the mp3 and mp4 and 3gp voice and high-definition

ساهر مسجل المكالمات screenshot 0ساهر مسجل المكالمات screenshot 1ساهر مسجل المكالمات screenshot 2ساهر مسجل المكالمات screenshot 3ساهر مسجل المكالمات screenshot 4ساهر مسجل المكالمات screenshot 5

All telephone calls enregistrement Appel incoming and outgoing from your mobile phone record various format such as mp3 and mp4 and 3gp and keep it on your phone or on a different cloud storage services, Saher Arabic Free application for recording phone calls voice HDTV automatically without intervention from you.

application features recording phone calls call recorder free :
& # 10112; Arabic and Free Application for recording phone calls.
& # 10113; Recording calls automatically without the need to enter the application at a time.
& # 10114; Different extensions for voice recorded files such as mp3 and 3gp and mp4, application converts these extensions automatically while maintaining superb sound quality.
& # 10115; The possibility of stores that recorded on the phone or external Aldhakrh or different cloud storage services calls or send it via IM different applications and e-mail.
& # 10116; Favorite to save the important calls.
& # 10117; Want to delete the possibility of phone calls automatically after each day or week or month to keep the storage space (Basttina favorite).
& # 10118; Elegant interface and easy and smooth application consumes device applications such as competition resources.
& # 10119; Wonderful system alerts informing you start recording a call and the end of registration.
& # 10120; Date possibility of Alcrawfon or speaker or all together.

Next update to the application of registration callers calls :
& # 10112; Possibility of changing the extensions of audio files even after registration.
& # 10113; The possibility of classification of audio files.
& # 10114; Setting a secret number to keeping secret phone calls.

How to use the application Saher free phone calls recorder :
First and before starting to use the application, you must make sure there is no other application for recording calls on your phone so as not to affect the quality of recorded audio files for this application.
General application is very simple sufficient access to it for the first time to activate the call recording, on the home page of the application you will find a list of recorded calls, each audio file two features are: reading the audio file to listen to the call and the ability to save the audio file in your favorite, to clear audio files press and hold on the screen to show you box in front of each audio file click on it and then press want to delete.
Favorite audio files will appear in a different color on the home page of the application.
Multiple options to customize the application are available at the press of a button the top Tabik most settings, such as activating the system alerts and choose the audio source, such as recording and Almcrawfon loudspeakers and choose along the recorded audio files and activate want to delete the recorded calls automatically after a period of time you choose.

You can contribute to the development application saher call recorder by writing Mlaanzatk and five-star voting.

See more information: https://goo.gl/ZV6YAB

WhatsTracker – Get detailed information about a contact's online activity on whatsapp


Get detailed information about a contact's online activity on whatsapp

WhatsTracker screenshot 0WhatsTracker screenshot 1WhatsTracker screenshot 2WhatsTracker screenshot 3WhatsTracker screenshot 4

**App Is Not Working Anymore , might update soon**
You have to update the app to latest version or it will not work.
Before giving the app a 1 start and saying it is not working properly please READ the following.

This tool will help you track a number’s activity on WhatsApp , the app will give you exact details of a user’s activity even when LastSeen is set to nobody and the app does not require WhatsApp to run .
The app will display a log of All activity and a log of the current day activity .

To track a number simply add the contact and let the tracking begin . If the number is already being tracked data will be displayed directly , but if the number is new , you will need to wait some time until it gets verified which usually takes 4 to 7 minutes OR sometimes more !(Some times numbers take a lot of time to get verified so please be patient). Now when tracking a new number , the data will not be displayed directly , you need to wait until the user is online . As soon as the user gets online the app will show at what time he got online and if user is still online , the app will say “Still Online” , once the user is offline the app will display at what time the user got offline.

Q:Will the app show me online on WhatsApp ?
A:The app does not require whats app to load , so it will not take you online.

Q:Why is the data not showing for valid user ?
A:Maybe the user has WhatsApp+ installed and the LastSeen was hidden.

Q:Why is the log time incorrect?
A:Make sure your phone’s date and time are correct.

If you have a question that is not answered or need help here please contact by mail .

“Some people laughed at the idea , but i sticked to it”
Lebanese Developer

Download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/vjOCPn

Trova cellulare – smartphone – Guide to find your Android device and remotely access to manage it!

Trova cellulare - smartphone

Guide to find your Android device and remotely access to manage it!

Trova cellulare - smartphone screenshot 0Trova cellulare - smartphone screenshot 1Trova cellulare - smartphone screenshot 2Trova cellulare - smartphone screenshot 3Trova cellulare - smartphone screenshot 4Trova cellulare - smartphone screenshot 5

This is an updated guide in February 2015 to find your Android device and remotely access to manage it! If you lose it you can make it ring … lock it with a password, or delete all data directly from PC! Follow the explanations ….

See more information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/xLn6hu