StoreJet Cloud 10K – Connect via wireless. Share files with friends and family.

StoreJet Cloud 10K

Connect via wireless. Share files with friends and family.

StoreJet Cloud 10K screenshot 0StoreJet Cloud 10K screenshot 1StoreJet Cloud 10K screenshot 2StoreJet Cloud 10K screenshot 3StoreJet Cloud 10K screenshot 4StoreJet Cloud 10K screenshot 5StoreJet Cloud 10K screenshot 6StoreJet Cloud 10K screenshot 7StoreJet Cloud 10K screenshot 8StoreJet Cloud 10K screenshot 9StoreJet Cloud 10K screenshot 10StoreJet Cloud 10K screenshot 11StoreJet Cloud 10K screenshot 12

The StoreJet Cloud App for Android device is an all-in-one media player that allows you to navigate and stream files stored on your Transcend StoreJet Cloud 10K wireless flash drive. All of your photos, documents, eBooks, music, and movies are listed within the App for easy search and select. Accessed via a dedicated Wi-Fi network; StoreJet Cloud 10K provides much-needed freedom from cables, network coverage, and capacity limitations of your mobile device. And with up to 5 users sharing content at the same time, StoreJet Cloud 10K lets everyone view, read, listen or watch whatever they like, anytime, anywhere.

• Simple file organization – easy sort and select
• Supports a wide range of high-quality file formats
• Set Wi-Fi encryption by WEP / WPA / WPA2 / WPA2-Mixed
• Access Internet and StoreJet Cloud 10K simultaneously
• Download / Upload / Delete files from StoreJet Cloud 10K and Android device
• Set administrator password to prevent unauthorized changes to StoreJet Cloud 10K settings

* Requires use with Transcend StoreJet Cloud 10K

If your device can’t connect to StoreJet Cloud 10K or show StoreJet Cloud “Internet not available”,
please go Settings > Wi-Fi > Press Menu Key > Advanced > Turn off “Auto network switch”, and connect to StoreJet Cloud again.

See more information and download apk file for your android phone:

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