Nova Rechner – Calculate the NOVA and CO2 tax on vehicle imports to Austria.

Nova Rechner

Calculate the NOVA and CO2 tax on vehicle imports to Austria.

Nova Rechner screenshot 0Nova Rechner screenshot 1Nova Rechner screenshot 2

Calculate the NOVA (consumption tax), CO2 taxes, Bonus / Malus for vehicle imports. The app calculated according to the current legal requirements. The expected new CO2-based Nova calculation for new registrations from March 2014 is also included. By clicking on the calculated tax amount, you can view the detailed overview of the individual tax positions.

You can either manually enter all the data required for the calculation of NOVA and CO2 tax or directly select make, model and type to perform the calculation. Whether you choose an Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, or another of the more than 50 brands – the import taxes are calculated quickly.
No internet connection required – Calculations therefore also abroad without roaming costs possible.

Disclaimer: The calculated tax charge / breakdown of the cost of imports is for information only and does not claim to be complete / correct. Chargeable information on these taxes, you can also get EasyFix or your accountant. The exact stipulation / calculation of taxes can only be performed from your residence tax office.

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone:

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